The pole refuses to lose space

The pole refuses to lose space

2020 was gray for him Ecuadorean Polo. the pandemic Completely suspended tournaments and hard-to-play practices among active competitors; But the dynamics took a 180-degree turn this year. in a Guayaquil they were made four championships It is expected to host a 2022 National Championship.

Activity in the main port and its surroundings is limited to of the clubs and about Five or six teams Perfectly matched. the long import cost As well as horse maintenance specialized of tools to practice, make this a major with a limited accessThe reality you want to change.

Saturday 4 December at the stadium La Costa Polo Club, Final End of the championship for the 2021 season. There were four participating teams and more than twenty athletes and horses at stake. Representative Amelik, integrated for Rafael Delon, Paulo Ventimila, Leonardo Carrion and Carlos Carrion, like its captain, reached the championship title after winning 5-1 in the final over monocrispy. Previously, fencing played for third and fourth places where the team Laborers get over polo team cover By 5-4 ½.

according to Franklin Niggis, President La Costa Polo Club, a group based near La Costa Country Club, they are together Guayaquil Polo Clubwho works on it river rock, via Duran, the only ones who are active in Costa Ecuadorean.

“They exist 4 championships In Guayaquil in one year is a very good sign for the sport, considering that in 2020 The activity was canceled, dead. We want and we try Raise the column“Because only through tournaments can we make ourselves visible,” said the leader.

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In Ecuador, polo is practiced continuously in only 4 cities throughout the year: Quito, Guayaquil, Rebamba and CuencaBeing the capital of the republic The main axis of development By the number of players and fans and where it is optimally deployed. “Just In Quito, this activity has been practiced for 100 years, At the same time Guayaquil arrived no more than 50 years agoÍñiguez explained.

Among the four tournaments held in the city this year, the first was called Opening 2021 3 teams participated, and in the second appointment the attendance was from 5 blocks (3 teams from La Costa Polo Club and 2 from Peñón del Río), while the third attendance was in Guayaquil Polo Club 4 teams participated. else Clausura Championship 2021 It started on November 26 and ended on December 4.

  • Emelec won the Clausura Tournament after beating Monokrispy 5-1.politeness
  • Guayaquil 2021 Polo
    Horse maintenance is one of the most precious things in the sport. Care is accurate.Jimmy Negret/Express
  • Guayaquil 2021 Polo
    La Portada team members, from Lacosta Polo Club.Jimmy Negret/Express

“We refuse to let polo die. We are always aware lifting sports and declaring it to be in the interest of society,” he justified Paulo Ventimila, From AmelikThe champion of the last tournament.

Athletes realize that polo has an “enemy against it”: access to training, however, when faced with this problem La Costa Polo Club he has Open their training courses to the general public Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at its facilities in 33.5 km from the road to the coast, so that they become more and more interested.

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“It is a sport that unites The beauty of animals and nature With the field of places. Here the animal is respected. It should be minimal 3 or 4 horses per playerBecause they tend to tire or injure themselves at worst and we are always trying to protect them.” Every case can cost from 3000 or 4000 dollars up to 20,000; Hence, one of the calls they make to the authorities is also lightness import laws.


The Quito pole is considered the main hub of development in the country. It has had a presence there for nearly 100 years, while it arrived in Guayaquil nearly 50 years ago.

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