Al-Basit Eastern Province Champion – Basketball

Al-Basit Eastern Province Champion – Basketball
Al Sharq Group

Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket and Mi Arquitecto CB Benicarló starred in a duel in a style in which David Varela’s men knew that by winning more than a three-point advantage they would be declared champions, which they achieved after an intense duel, with overtime included, forced by three By Maxim Esteban, who could not repeat in the last possession, which would have allowed Adria Alonso’s men to save the average (77-72). St. Anthony Ibiza Feeling, who still had options, squandered them minutes ago when he struggled with the return of Zentro Baskett Madrid (81-86), which was out of play, and which Real Kanoe NC had fallen into. Borja Gonzalez de Mendoza’s men had just lost in a deferred match against the already relegated El Ventero CBV team and they did so again in Sunday’s only game against FC Cartagena CB, which despite their victory, has yet to ratify the Their sports ranking in the playoffs (82). -73).

The last positions giving access to the playoffs are occupied by CB Cornella and Valencia PCB, who faced each other in L’Alqueria with the victory of the Taronja subsidiary (76-72), both ahead of Recambios Gaudí Mollet who continues without interrupting the dynamic of defeats, crushing them This time at Hestia Minorca (54-102). Any of the three could still fall into the playing positions, which Safir Fruits Alginet is trying to get out of, with a solid victory over Decolor FG La Roda with a final treble from Dalmau (64-61). In direct relegation, Herbalife Gran Canaria, who despite the performance of the top scorer of the day, Rubén Lopez de la Torre (27 points, 31 fal), also fell to El Ventero CPV (95-84), although he is still The Clarets can save them from burning in the last two days.

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The row the following day (Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.) of the head-to-head duel between Grupo Alega Cantabria CBT and Hereda Club Ourense Baloncesto made it impossible for the Cantabrian team to actually be champions on Saturday, but in addition, they sank at home against Aquimisa Carbajosa Empresarial who continues to fight for survival (93-96). The last of the Cantabria triples did not change the score, so the COB team, which was winning at CB Marbella (50-63), tied them for the standings. The battle to become champion is already a matter of three teams, after the local defeat of Tezona Universidad de Burgos against ENERparking Basket Navarra (75-80), preventing them from continuing to look to the top spot. Yes, Teknei Bizkaia Zornotza, who won 69-59 against CB Morón and who, thanks to his positive averages with Estela and COB, is still alive, can still overtake them no matter what happens in the Transcendental Duel on Wednesday, as long as those from Garitaonandia impose, Specifically, on Navarrese, who, like Clinica Ponferrada CDP, has already been saved but has not confirmed their presence in the playoffs.

David Barrio’s men fell to Melilla Capital Sport Enrique Soler (90-94), in extra time that Mulero could have avoided with time already, if one of the two free throws available to him to win the title had not missed. match. A victory worthy of enduring, such as Reina Yogur Clavijo CB’s victory over Círculo Gijón Basket (101-85). Thus, the struggle for salvation is already a matter of five divisions. After his victory in Burgos, Moron can no longer fall into direct relegation and can even take part in the playoffs, which is already impossible for Circolo Gijón Balonsisto, who is still in danger of direct relegation, in which Damex UDEA Algeciras fell, defeated (86-76). )) by Zamora Inamura Player of the Year and Solarin’s top scorer (31 points, 35 FAL) and is overtaken by Carbagosa in the standings with four straight wins. Two players from Algeciras and Salamanca will struggle to reach the relegation climb, plus the last team, Marbella, is in an awkward position.

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doubles doubles

Rokas Gadeliuskas (AGN) – 15 pips + 13 days

John Carroll (ALB) – 10pt + 11d

Gonzalo Bressan (VBC) – 20 points + 10 days

Side Djit (CAR) – 20 points + 13 days

Ismael Kadio (ESO) – 17 points + 11 days

Issa Thiam (ALG) – 25 points + 11 days

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