The reason Carlos Silver didn’t break the Guinness World Records on his third attempt

The reason Carlos Silver didn’t break the Guinness World Records on his third attempt

The third time is magic, as a popular saying goes, but it wasn’t for Carlos Silver who did it on the occasion as well. Guinness World Records Ratify it Record breaking for more than 105 hours without interruption.

The entity explained that after reviewing all the evidence, they determined that silver used more time than allowed to rest during breaks.

They noted that the guidelines for the longest singing marathon in the world were not being met, so they decided that the record should continue to be held by Hindus Sunil Waghmari, record holder since 2006, with 105 hours of singing.

Fourth attempt? And the Guinness Book of Records indicated that Carlos Silver could retry the record at any time he saw it, he adds.

“We appreciate and respect the effort made by Mr. Carlos Silver, for the third time, to break a record in the Guinness Book of Records; we also respect their feelings at this time.”

Carlos Silver and other attempts. On December 20 of last year, Silver finished the Singing Challenge for 105 hours 34 minutes 49 seconds.

“No Se Rinde” was directed and produced by Amy Taveras Production, produced by Ángel Puello Television Group, directed by Luis Hernandez, with accompanying production to Franklin Toribio and logistics management by Raphael Sanchez. The event was supported by telephone company Viva, Grupo Telemicro, Fuaquiti, MITV, Valla Paúl, among others.

In December 2016 his first attempt was where he claimed technical malfunctions and the second in 2019, on March 29, did not comply with the 30-second rule between one song and another.

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