The teaching hospital is always committed to quality care through infection control

The teaching hospital is always committed to quality care through infection control

March 23, 2022 – 12:58 pm

From the Misiones County Health Park, Dr. Ramon Madaraja, through the Infectious Disease Service of the Escuela de Agodos Hospital, Dr. Ramon Madaraga, they report that you’ve come at last, there were specialists from the Infection Surveillance Program at Nosocomio Hospitallers in Argentina VIHDA. The visit took place within the framework of the Impactar project, in which the Escuela Hospital is participating. They highlight a clear commitment from the Infection Control Assistance Center.

Doctors Laura Barcelona and Irene Pagano were from the VIDHA programme.

In this context, the head of the said service, Dr. Carla Nefero, explained that the VIHDA program is based on the National Ministry of Health, “involving more than 160 hospitals in the country, including our Nosocomio.”

Therefore, he explained that they are currently participating in a project called IMPACTAR, with the participation of 20 assistance centers in Argentina. “This is a multimedia intervention project working on device-associated infections in intensive care units.”

Along the same lines, he pointed out to the participating services and sectors of the school hospital, “The working team consists of pharmacy professionals, infection control nurses, bacteriology, and the Department of Nursing and Infectious Diseases, with the endorsement of the directorate hospital doctor.

Finally, he stressed that Escuela Hospital has a clear commitment to permanent infection control, so participation in this type of project is very important to advance this cause.

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