The tournament will end in January 2022 to give space to the national team

The tournament will end in January 2022 to give space to the national team

Following the request of the Costa Rican Football Association (FEDEFUTBOL) regarding the transfer of Days 20, 21 and 22 to make space for the Costa Rican national team, the UNAFUT Board of Directors has agreed to amend the closing of the regular phase of Apertura 2021 of the Promerica League.

The goal, is to provide all available support to the teams and the governing body, for coach Luis Fernando Suarez’s work with the Promerica League players for the next FIFA date, where he will face Canada and Honduras as part. From the last octagon heading to Qatar 2022.

Match day 20 will remain on November 21, date 21 on November 28 and November 22 for Sunday December 5, and will also make room for Costa Rica national teams, Santos and Sapresa in the CONCACAF League, teams that will not be submitted to the teams selected on November 3 and 4 due to the return matches from Quarter-finals in that competition.

Apertura 2021 may end on January 2, 2022 if a major final occurs, between the winner of the regular stage and the winner of the final stage.

The said agreement has already been communicated to the representatives of the twelve affiliated clubs, who have stated that they are satisfied, as there is an obligation to support the march of the national team.

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In this way, the opening of the league for 2021 will be as follows:

20: 21 November Round 21: 28 November, 22nd Round: 5 December Semi-finals first leg: 12 December Semi-final return: 19 December First-leg: 22 December

Lap Final: December 26 * First Grand Final: December 29 * Grand Lap Final: January 2

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