The Venezuelan opposition denounced the National Electoral Commission's violation of the presidential election schedule: “We demand respect for the law.”

The Venezuelan opposition denounced the National Electoral Commission's violation of the presidential election schedule: “We demand respect for the law.”
The Venezuelan opposition denounced the National Electoral Commission's violation of its timetable for the presidential elections: “We demand respect for the law.” (Reuters/Gaby Ora)

Democratic Unionist Platform The National Unity Party (PUD), Venezuela's main opposition coalition, on Friday denounced the decision National Electoral Council (CNE), controlled by the dictatorship, for “non-compliance” with the schedule set for the next day Presidential electionscheduled for July 28.

According to the Anti-Chavista Coalition, “the twelfth activity specified in the table regarding the ‘validated decision on the status of organizations with political purposes for application’” – which was created “illegally” – “was not approved” even though it was .scheduled for this Thursday March 14.

We condemn the failure of the National Electoral Commission to adhere to its timetable, and demand that the relevant law be respected and all organizations be immediately authorized for political purposes without any kind of bias.”Express your PUD on the social network X.

He also confirmed that the Electoral College “is violating its timetable by not yet approving the instructions for its elections.” Special process for the electoral register“, while “invitations to International observers“.

Last week, the president of the CNE, Elvis AmorusoHe confirmed that the institution affiliated with the Maduro regime sent invitations to various missions to monitor the elections, including a mission to Venezuela. European Union (European Union).

The anti-Chavista coalition claims that the Electoral College controlled by Maduro did not approve an activity related to the approval of the advancement of political organizations, which was scheduled for March 14. (EFE/Rainer Peña R)

The anti-Chavista platform also questioned that the “random electoral table” had not yet been “published in… Electoral newspaperas legally appropriate.”

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We Venezuelans want to vote and there will be no maneuver that prevents the expression of the majority's desire for change“Added the Democratic Union Party, which hopes that its presidential candidate, the former MP, will win Maria Corina MachadoHe can compete in the elections, despite his disqualification imposed by the Chavez dictatorship from holding popularly elected office until 2036, a measure approved by the government. Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), controlled by Maduro.

The opposition's chief negotiator at the dialogue tables with the regime said, Gerardo BladeHe denounced on Friday that the timeline was unfair, so he expects corrections from the National Election Commission.

During an interview with private radio Broadcasting Union“The world will witness these elections,” he stressed, so he hopes “there are corrections that can still be made today,” such as allowing Machado to be nominated as the standard bearer of the opposition majority.

Regarding the steps that must be followed in light of the disqualification of Machado – who will not be able to register between the 21st and 25th, which is the period set by the National Electoral Council for submitting nominations – he said that the former representative “will decide with the Democratic Unionist Party what strategy and tactics should be.” Follow them in the process.”

The anti-Chavista platform also questioned that the “random electoral table” had not yet been “published in the Electoral Gazette, in a legally appropriate form.” (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

For its part, the opposition party said Reason t On Friday, it reported “raids” on the homes of four of its members in the state of Monagas (east), including its Secretary-General in this region. Pablo Murillo.

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“We condemn the wave of raids carried out by the Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) on the residence in Monagas of our Secretary General, Pablo Murillo, and three leaders of our organization in that state,” the anti-Chavista formation wrote on its social media page. Network X

The party demanded a “stop.” Political persecution With false files” against his extremism.

Former governor Andres Velasqueznational leader of La Causa R, denounced “the despicable violations to which they are subjected by DGCIM Party fighters in Monagas.

For her part, the opposition leader said Maria Corina Machado X expressed his support for training “in the face of this A new repressive campaign by the regime“.

Former governor Andrés Velázquez, national leader of the La Cosa R party, denounced the “despicable violations against party fighters” by the General Directorate for Combating Illegal Immigration in Monagas. (EFE/Miguel Gutierrez)

Last Tuesday, La Causa R newspaper denounced “Arbitrary arrest“For its leader in Monagas, Wilver Peña, whose whereabouts and health condition his relatives still do not know, the group said on Friday, four days after his arrest.

The prosecutor appointed by the Chavez dictatorship, Tariq William Saabon Wednesday announced the arrest of Peña and another member of that group, Renzo Estebenz Flores, whom he accused of conspiracy and Assassination threats Against Nicolas Maduro.

Several non-governmental organizations, human rights activists, and anti-Chavez activists have warned of “renewed” political “repression and persecution” months before the presidential elections scheduled for next July 28, while Maduro and his leadership accuse opponents of practicing political “repression.” Involved in conspiratorial plans

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(With information from EFE)

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