The video shows the explosion of the satellite that the North Korean regime tried to put into orbit

The video shows the explosion of the satellite that the North Korean regime tried to put into orbit
The South Korean military published a video of the explosion of a space missile belonging to the North Korean regime

After the disastrous failure of another launch Spy satellite By the system Kim Jong Unhe South Korean army On Tuesday, it published a video clip taken with surveillance equipment showing the explosion of the space missile that North Korea attempted to launch into orbit on Monday evening.

The images, which capture the rocket's exhaust or plume shortly after launch, show how the burn trail suddenly disappears into the night sky.

the video Captured with surveillance equipment On board a reconnaissance ship deployed in the northwestern region of the South Korean Islands, which is the northernmost region of its environment where South Korea You can place assets to monitor neighboring country's forces.

north korea The Japanese Coast Guard informed early Monday of its intention to launch a new spy satellite and offered a launch window between that day and June 3.

South Korea posted a video showing the explosion of a satellite that the North Korean regime tried to put into orbit (AP/Ahn Young-joon)

Pyongyang launched the missile from its space base in Sohae (northwest of the country) at around 10:44 pm local time on Monday (1:44 pm GMT), and the South Korean army discovered, after only two minutes, the projectile “like a missile.” A large collection of fragmentsOn the North Korean coast.

North Korea's official news agency Korean Central News Agency It said the projectile carried aboard the Malligyong 1-1 satellite exploded mid-flight due to a problem with the engine that combines kerosene and liquid oxygen (LOX) “recently developed” for the first stage of the rocket.

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Pyongyang He added something like this Another failure of its space programAfter two failed launches in the spring and summer of 2023.

Pyongyang launched the missile from the Sohae Space Base (northwest of the country) at approximately 10:44 pm local time.

Last November, it was able to successfully launch the missile and place its first spy satellite Malejeong-1.

North Korea said earlier this year that it would launch three more Maljeong spy satellites in 2024.

It is believed that the November launch will be successful Russian assistance was essentialWhich was greatly strengthened after the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Unand the Russian president, Russian President Vladimir PutinA summit will be held in September 2023.

Washington, flood And Tokyo They condemn North Korea's space launches as a violation of UN sanctions, which prohibit Pyongyang from using ballistic missile technology.

(With information from EFE)

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