The mystery behind a McDonald's hamburger that has stayed the same for 30 years

The mystery behind a McDonald's hamburger that has stayed the same for 30 years

In an amazing food preservation experience, Two Australian friends defied the rules of decomposition by eating a hamburger from McDonald's. quarter pounder with cheese, Which they bought in 1995, 28 years ago. Known as the “immortal hamburger,” this phenomenon has captured global attention, highlighting both scientific curiosity and popular fascination.

Nets Casey Dean and Edwards, who were teenagers more than two decades ago, bought a McDonald's burger from Adelaide. In the middle of the meal, The idea of ​​keeping hamburgers forever arose. What started as a youth joke became an experiment that has lasted for nearly 3 decades. Stored in carton and wooden box, This burger defied expectations It does not show signs of mold or decay, Although its original size has been reduced.

The burger, affectionately nicknamed “McFossil”, spent more than a decade in a poorly ventilated shed where summer temperatures often exceeded 30 degrees Celsius. Despite these conditions, the McDonald's hamburger remained intact, and even resisted the attempts of the mice to eat it, which devoured the plastic bag and clothes in its environment.

Why have McDonald's hamburgers been preserved for so long?

The burger's longevity has raised questions about McDonald's food composition and preservation. The fast food chain explained that the lack of spoilage is due to the dry environment that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Simply put, “Homemade foods left to dry can have similar results.” That is, the burger is essentially dehydrated, which prevents the multiplication of microorganisms.

This phenomenon is not unique to the case of Dean and Nets. In 2020, Utah-based David Whipple claimed to own the world's oldest hamburger: a McDonald's burger purchased in 1999, which also showed little signs of decay after 21 years. Whipple had originally bought the burger to give a presentation on decomposition, but had forgotten it in his coat. When he found it 14 years later, the burger looked almost as it did the day he bought it.

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McFossil's story has generated a lot of interest, both on social networks and in the media. This fascination is partly due to the disbelief that food can remain in an almost unchanged state for a long time. Dean, who has turned down multiple offers to sell burgers, becomes smitten with his “partner,” reflecting both the humorous and emotional side of this unintended experience.

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