The Warriors will be the last dynasty in the NBA.

The Warriors will be the last dynasty in the NBA.

one of Golden State Warriors It's likely to be the last dynasty the NBA and its fans will ever see. Or at least he thinks so. Stephen Curry Icon of the last team that marked an era in the American League with its four rings in the last decade (2015, 2017, 2018 and 2022).

“I don’t think it’s going to happen again simply because it’s so hard to keep things together in this league, there’s so much player movement. Klay, Draymond and I have complemented each other so well for so long. We’ve all brought something different to the table, so we’ll see. Records are supposed to be broken, dynasties take different forms,” said the greatest shooter of all time. Espen.

“No presence” Klay Thompson “He's a terrible teammate, and we wanted him to stay,” Curry admitted in response to the goalie's surprise move to join the Dallas Mavericks. Luka Doncic And Kyrie Irving To break the couple Splash Brothers.

Klay Thompson, a sensitive loss for the Warriors

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Recent precedents certainly prove Curry right, since the Warriors did it. 2017 And 2018 No champion was able to repeat the title the following year, which laid the foundation for a dynasty. Furthermore, the Warriors, who reached the Finals in 2019, were the last defending champion to advance to the conference semifinals despite losing to the Raptors. Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka And Sergio ScarioloNick's nurse assistant.

Since then, no champion has made it past the second round the following year: not even the Raptors. Kawhi LeonardNor the 2020 LeBron and Davis Lakers, 2021 Antetokounmpo Bucks, 2022 Warriors and 2023 Jokic Nuggets, who were defeated in the conference semifinals by the Timberwolves in the last playoffs.

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There are several factors that explain this diversity of champions. The first is the increasing equality due to the strict salary cap that makes it difficult for big teams to keep their rosters intact while also increasing salaries. All of the champions mentioned above are keeping their stars, but the renewal of some players – who are just as important as the stars – puts teams in their place. dilemma.

Jokic and Murray are the best duo in the NBA in 2023


Without going any further, the issue Fragments From 2023 it can be used as a model. Last summer, the Colorado team did not extend the basic pieces of the second unit such as Jeff Green And Bruce Brownplayers he couldn't replace, which ended up getting him indicted in the last playoffs. Denver also let the Orlando Magic go this summer. Kentavious Caldwell Pope -Also a member of the 2020 Lakers-, the bleeding has somewhat stopped with his recent arrival. Dario SaricWho will be the backup centre back that Nikola Jokic did not have.

For their part, the current champion, Boston CelticsThey have so far renewed every piece of the core, both bench and starters, even guaranteeing continuity through 2026 for the starting five: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis, Jrue Holiday and Derrick White. O'Shea Brissett, who did not exercise his player option, is the only one not renewed.

However, it happened that, due to the increasing cost of employees, the Massachusetts franchise was put up for sale by Week Grosbeck, whose family leads the investment group. Looking ahead to next season, the Celtics' payroll will be 194 million, Just under the $208 million currently projected for the Phoenix Suns.

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Celtics, current NBA champion

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There is another factor that Carey himself mentioned, such as player movement, which makes it increasingly difficult in situations like the one that happened. Kobe Bryant (Lakers) also Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas)Players who have worn only one team's jersey. Curry himself also spoke out about his case.

“Being somewhere in my career is like a broken record, and I know it's hard to do that,” said the under-contracted goalkeeper. 2026.

“I still see gray hair growing and I still go to high school in the Bay Area for my daughter, it’s crazy. It’s just the nature of where I’m at. But yeah, all I have to say is I love the Bay Area and the Bay Area is my home, and I don’t want that to ever change,” Stephen Curry said in his interview with ESPN.

Definition of breed

Sometimes the concept of a “dynasty” gets a little carried away. One might be tempted to think that the team that represents an era is the one that wins back-to-back titles in the style of the Bulls. Michael Jordan From the 1990s with two series of three consecutive episodes separated by the first retirement of the number “23” or Lakers Shaq and Kobe, with three international caps between 2000 and 2002.

However, these warriors have only won two titles once, between 2017 and 2018.

“You can define the breed in many ways,” Carey said. “People thought it was over. 2019, But 2022 was an amazing year because we defied the odds. “This is 11 years of almost 12 years of a championship built around a certain core,” the point guard added.

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The Spurs, led by Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, were a historic era.


Regarding Nuggets coach Curry's thinking, Michael MaloneHe gave an example of this. San Antonio Spursa dynasty that lifted five rings between 1999 and 2014 with titles in 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014 without repeating two years in a row. Malone cited the case to point to the Nuggets' ambition to become a dynasty after failing to repeat their championship after losing to the Wolves.

Whether they are the last of the dynasty or not, what is clear is that the Golden State Warriors are determined to try to complete their reign with a fifth crown despite everything going against them. The California team didn’t even make the playoffs last year after being eliminated by the Lakers in the 2023 conference semifinals. Not to mention, of course, saying goodbye to key pieces like Bob Myers Last year – the engineer of the breed from his position as general manager – and the last Klay Thompson.

Curry and Hield, the new duo in the NBA

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However, the eternal rise of Curry who shows no signs of slowing down at 36 years old and the good performance of Draymond Green who is already 34 years old encourages the Warriors to give themselves another chance. Steve Kerr On the seat.

Realizing how much the team needs to shake up, these Gulf Coasters are making big moves in free agency, replacing Thompson with their best three-point shooter since 2020, Friend's field, Adding diversity on both sides of the field DeAnthony Milton And Kyle Anderson. The Warriors have yet to renew Usman Garuba, who is now focused on the Olympics like Stephen Curry with faith in a fifth ring.

“I want to be ambitious and say we can be relevant and be in the fight and give ourselves a realistic chance of winning.”

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