The world’s richest family earns $2.1 billion selling Walmart stock أسهم

The world’s richest family earns $2.1 billion selling Walmart stock أسهم


June 15, 2021, 13:06 GMT

So far this year, Waltons has released 16.7 million grocery chain addresses.

The Walton family, which controls about half of the shares of the American supermarket chain Walmart, has sold part of its holdings for $2.1 billion since the beginning of this year. reach Bloomberg citing documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

As detailed, in total there are 16.7 million shares. The sales were made through Walton Family Holdings Trust, a company that manages Waltons assets.

According to entity spokesperson Randy Hargrove, the transactions are “in line with the family’s efforts to maintain an appropriate balance between family and non-family ownership of Walmart, offset potential increases in its ownership percentage over time, and help fund charitable contributions.”

according to Forbes, The Walton family is the richest family in America, with a combined fortune of $247 billion. In addition to Walmart stock, she owns Arvest Bank, which operates 16 banks in various states across the country. Last August, Bloomberg classified To the family of Tunisia as the richest family in the world. He is closely followed by Mars, also coming from the United States, whose fortune is estimated at 120 thousand million dollars.

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