These companies require a covid-19 vaccine from their employees

These companies require a covid-19 vaccine from their employees

New York (CNN Business) – After months of encouraging employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19, companies are beginning to take a tougher stance and implement mandates, a major escalation of US companies’ approach to halting the spread of the virus.

Momentum for vaccine mandates is building, with President Joe Biden expected to announce a requirement that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated or required to undergo regular testing and mitigation requirements on Thursday. On Wednesday, Google and Facebook became the first two Silicon Valley giants to issue warrants of their own.

These are companies that have announced requirements for a covid-19 vaccine for at least some of their employees.


Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, sent an email to employees on Wednesday to announce the vaccination requirement for employees returning to the office.

Pichai said the policy will be implemented in the United States in the coming weeks and in other regions in the following months as vaccines become more available. It’s unclear how Google plans to enforce the policy.


The company announced Wednesday that all Facebook employees must be vaccinated before returning to the office.

“With our offices reopening, we will require that everyone who comes to work on any of our US campuses be vaccinated,” said Laurie Guler, Facebook’s vice president of people, in a statement.

“We will have procedures for those who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons, and we will evaluate our approach in other areas as the situation evolves,” he added.

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Netflix requires covid-19 vaccines for representatives of all of its US products, as well as for people who come into contact with them, according to Delivery time.

Last week, major Hollywood and studio unions established return-to-work protocols that include “the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for actors and crew in Zone A” on a production-by-production basis. “Area A” is made up of the actors and the people who approach them.

Black stone

A company spokesperson said BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is currently only allowing vaccinated employees to return to the office.

The spokesperson said this decision is an adjustment to the policy based on employee feedback and employee feedback.

The spokesperson added that from September, the company will have a “hybrid model,” with some vaccinated employees working from the office and others from home. The company plans to share an updated policy for unvaccinated employees later in the summer.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s New York office prohibits all unvaccinated employees and customers from entering its headquarters.

All employees working in buildings with a “significant number of employees” were asked to confirm their vaccination status by July 1, according to a company memo to employees.

Saks Fifth Avenue

It was reported that luxury supermarket chain Saks Fifth Avenue requires all employees to be vaccinated. New York times. “We need to be more based in the office” and “the default should be our office,” said Mark Metric, the newspaper’s chief executive.

Washington Post

All new employees and existing employees in Washington Post Fred Ryan, the company’s chief editor and CEO, said in a memo to employees Tuesday that they will need to demonstrate proof of full COVID-19 vaccines.

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Ryan stated that the requirement to be an “employment condition” as of the position’s return to office on September 13.

Ascension health

Ascension Health has announced that it will require COVID-19 vaccinations for all of its employees “for the safety of patients, visitors, our partners, families, loved ones, and the community,” according to release Press release from the company on Tuesday.

“Ascension will require all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, whether or not they provide direct patient care, and whether they work at our care sites or remotely,” the company said in the statement.


Beginning August 2, all employees working in Lyft offices must be vaccinated, according to an email sent to employees by Lyft CEO Logan Greene seen by CNN Business.

In addition, most of the company’s US offices will now return to the office on February 2, 2022, according to the email, which is a six-month extension from the original date of return to the corporate office.

Lyft informed team members several weeks ago that they would be required to provide proof of vaccination in order to return to the office, a CNN Business spokesperson said.


Twitter has already asked employees to return to the office to show evidence of vaccination, but on Wednesday the company took the extra step of completely closing its New York and San Francisco offices and temporarily shutting down the office.

The company accepted the call “after careful consideration of updated CDC guidelines and in light of current conditions,” a CNN Business spokesperson said. “We continue to closely monitor local conditions and make necessary changes that prioritize the health and safety of our departures.”

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Rishi Iyengar contributed to this report.

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