They admit to Rolando Arguita as an excuse for not knowing about Kevin Solorzano’s veto

They admit to Rolando Arguita as an excuse for not knowing about Kevin Solorzano’s veto

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The plenary session of the justices of the Supreme Court of Justice unanimously recognized his official excuse Rolando Argoeta Not to participate in a discussion appeal Raised in favor of Kevin Solorzano.

He explained that “he presented his excuse for being among the reasons, because in previous years he issued a prior opinion on this case and all investigation procedures while working as director of the Public Prosecution Office.” Melvin Duarte, Spokesperson Authorization in the capital.

Kevin Joshua Solorzano Hernandez He was acquitted of criminal responsibility In October 2020 by the Criminal Chamber of the High Court of Justice, for murder and attempted murder, of which he was accused in November 2014.

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At that time, the Court of Cassation indicated, as a result of the analysis, “the existence of judicial arguments that contradict the principles and rules that constitute sound criticism as a model for correct human thinking,” considering that the judicial arguments were “flawed.”

In February 2017, it found a court of three judges Guilty of committing murder and attempted murder to the University; But there was a dissenting vote for one of the judges who make up the aforementioned court.

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Five arguments presented by the Public Prosecution Office were central to the verdict against Kevin Solorzano, including the testimony of the widow and one of her children, the spoken photo and the voiding of the phone.

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Later, the First Circuit Court of Sentencing sentenced the accused to 20 years in prison for the murder of former prosecutor Edwin Giovanni Igor Abdul, and 13 years and four months for an attempt against his wife, Maria Auxiliadora Sierra.

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