What is the company and who manages it?

What is the company and who manages it?

The Duchess of Sussex referred to “the institution” During her interview with Oprah Winfrey, Which indicates that she was talking about palace officials rather than royal relations.

The royal establishment, sometimes called a “court,” accommodates employees and advisors, as well as the rules and traditions within which the royal family is restricted.

All senior members of the royal family have a group of trustees whose role is to support them in every aspect of their public roles, from diaries managers to accountants to press officials.

In the case of the Queen, her greatest assistant is Sir Edward Young, her private secretary, who runs her home and is the main point of contact between Her Majesty and the outside world.

If the government wanted to arrange a state visit for a US president, for example, or if the prime minister decided to resign, Sir Edward would be the one who gets the call.

Dozens of other servants work under him at Buckingham Palace, some of whom help advise the Queen, but also servants, cleaners, restoration workers and cooks.

In the Queen’s case, her family also includes up to nine waiting ladies who are formal companions from the aristocracy, although it is likely that only one will be on hand at any time.

Other senior members of the royal family, most notably the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, have their own teams of staff and advisors, who are referred to collectively by the building in which they reside, so that the prince’s home is the Clarence House and the Duke is Kensington Palace.

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