They are planning to build a co-working space with a bar in the glass pyramid of Plaza de la Intendencia

They are planning to build a co-working space with a bar in the glass pyramid of Plaza de la Intendencia

The municipality of Cordoba published this week a Decision in the Official Gazette The property located in the center of Plaza de la Intendencia is authorized to operate a joint business, which will include a bar and cafeteria, to “promote the development of activities related to entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, culture and entertainment” and as part of the so-called “SuperBlock” project.

The idea was promoted by the Secretariat for Planning, Modernization and International Relations led by Alejandra Torres who spoke with the sound He gave details of the plan, which in principle “will not require an investment by the municipality.”

“The intention is for the space located at the central point of the superblock to be ceded with the aim of continuing to build one of the pillars on which the smart city is based: people taking over and strengthening public spaces. These are the priority goals that fall within the strategic line of the target plan that we presented in Council last year. ”

According to the official, the intention is for the institution that realizes the property franchise to have “spaces for building a hybrid model that combines the characteristics of a co-working space with activities related to entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, culture and entertainment. This space will be given to public-benefit institutions or civil society organizations that have proven expertise in this. The issues. It will be for a period of 10 years and with an investment commitment starting from a minimum of 2 million pesos in a two-year period, assuming an investment in this line. ”

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Torres explained that the municipality of Cordoba will grant the space, and the winning organization must build or improve facilities so that there is a common business design, which will also include sites for entrepreneurial activity and specific areas of innovation. “The idea is to create a laboratory for technological innovation and a place where you can work on cultural and artistic issues,” he added.

The bid will open during the second half of March, and bidders must demonstrate “their proven experience, that they have corresponding insurance and the ability to take on the franchising and design activities that generate this type of community.”

The municipality of Cordoba proposed this design, but the winning bidder could make adjustments.

Smart city

Torres, attorney at UNC, was enthusiastic about the idea of ​​building a smart city, and explained, “A smart city is not only a city that has technology, but also has a basic line of work in capturing the public. For this we created the wonderful block, which aims to give back to neighbors the ability to benefit.” And enjoy these spaces. We want to give public spaces and foster entrepreneurship. Cordoba is seen in the country and in the world as the great knowledge-born economy. “

“We think of technology as a companion to a completely different city model. In an ideal smart city, people live 15 minutes away, says the World Economic Forum. This means that people can move around, access all services and satisfy their municipality’s desires within a radius of no more than 15 minutes from their home A smart city is a city that provides remote services, so residents can do everything digitally from their homes, ”said Alejandra Torres, Minister of Planning, Modernization and International Relations for the Municipality of Córdoba.

However, this does not mean that there are no places face to face in a decentralized manner. “There are people who do not have a deep friendship with technology, and we cannot put them aside as well. The case of Cordoba in Madrid was presented to many mayors in different cities. The work we intend to demonstrate to the public and the private in one effective line of application, which can be executed very quickly. And inexpensive, so we can respond to citizens in a faster way. ”

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According to Torres, they have already submitted the proposal to different organizations and “there was interest, especially in digital entrepreneurs. Through the General and Social Innovation Lab of the Municipality of Cordoba (CorLab), we did an inventory of all the organizations that did not work with us, but they exist and have shown Interested. Let’s see how they present themselves on the date of presentation. ”

Alejandra Torres. Planning Secretary in the Municipality of Cordoba. (the sound)

Finally, the former researcher at Ieral assured that the space would be available to all audiences. “We want to strengthen and build this community, and if someone has an interest in innovation, art, culture or entrepreneurship, they can find a place that welcomes and stimulates them. It is about building a space in which you can talk about interests. We are thinking of a meeting point between entrepreneurs who do With similar activities and that there is communication through different societies at the international level. We must promote more ideas like superblock, try to make people take advantage of public spaces. I hope there was more safety, to make it more enjoyable. With all the difficulties, I think we are on the way. the correct “.

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