Urundi 59 – Trouville 75: Red from Pocitus is the first finalist – recovery – 02/12/2021

Urundi 59 – Trouville 75: Red from Pocitus is the first finalist – recovery – 02/12/2021

Urundi University I was looking forward to force the fifth game against TruffleHowever, a great game by Rojo de Pocitos ended with a final qualification Uruguayan Basketball League After judging the series a 59-75 victory and thus 3-1 in the key.

First Quarter

Hyundai 16 – Truffle 21

A par after the first ten minutes, but with a truffle that’s more polished and straightforward in attack. In any case, Urunday was the first to take advantage of this score after a 6-2 series. This was what Rojo de Positos recovered from 8-2, putting him a 10-6 lead, taking advantage of two games in which Da Bara’s side made offensive mistakes.

That was the partial hit needed for the recovered Prado. They tied in 10 and the three-point play allowed him to return to the scoreboard, but a hat-trick from Mainoldi tied it again, showing a starting tie.

Two trios from Gonzalo Iglesias, when Aurondi went on to win it, ended up giving Trouville an advantage to close the first 10 minutes of play in Antel Arena.

Second bedroom

Euronday 33 – Truffle 41

6-0 in favor of Trouville opened an 11-point lead in the first moments of the quarter, but Morena with a hat-trick reduced the opponent’s advantage by three points in a decisive moment.

But the hat-trick was also the one that came back to motivate Rojo when Alex Lopez scored an external goal that brought him back into a good shot by Fernandez’s men. 8-0 opened another good gap for Trouville, which became 16 points.

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Although this difference also came with a reaction from the Prado team that with 6-0 he narrowed the gap before the long break. Matteo Suarez and Federico Mariani ended up being the scorers at the end after the former scored two goals for Eurondi and the Argentine with four points for Trofel, with a hat-trick and a free kick.

Third quarter

53- Masoud

Even in everything. Inflating by hit and error by mistake. Both teams erred and both responded when the other did. Urunday Universitario narrowed the gap with Rojo de Pocitos in the expected manner, remaining by three points.

He has come across Truville who missed a lot and failed to extend the lead so much, which could have been a very tough blow to Da Bra’s men. The partial 17-12 represents what the ten minutes were.

Once again, Matteo Suarez was one of the most visible teams in the Prado squad, while Damien Tintorelli fought hard and was able to contribute important points to those led by German Fernandes.

The last room

Aurondae 59- Truvel 75

Urunday Universitario got two points, but that’s what ended up waking Truffle that with two trios from Federico Mariani, another from Manuel Mayora, and a non-athletic foul that gave him free matches and the ball got 10 points off the right. Moment.

Those led by Hector da Bar erred at a time when they needed to add. He played many balls in unsuccessful three-point attempts and so the game and the season began to escape him.

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Mariani, in addition to points, with play and assists ended up being the pivot needed by German Fernandez to close the match. The Argentine was important in the last ten minutes as if he had not been in the previous 30 minutes and was taken advantage of by Rogo de Positos.

Round 9-22 ended with Trouville winning and thus qualifying for the Grand Final as his opponent now awaits.


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