They haven’t stopped smiling since JLo and Ben Affleck came back

They haven’t stopped smiling since JLo and Ben Affleck came back

We’ve seen it all, from giving smilingclasped hands, beautiful Hug And the flirting looks, between celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who have been more than happy lately, their reunion seems to have brought peace, tranquility and a lot of love into their lives.

In addition, we can make sure that they are no longer stuck in the photographic lenses of those who fear too much paparazzi, also added to the fact that fans fully support the decision they made when choosing their own reconciliation and also pay tribute to the singer leaving her ex-partner, athlete and businessman, Alex Rodriguez, because he was assumed to have been unfaithful.

It’s also no secret that these same fans agree that he has canceled all the plans he had about his wedding to fully go on with his life, and even more so that he’s nowhere near getting back on the road. the love and less when perspective was due to return with the man who led her to compose songs like “Dear Ben” and “Baby I Love You.”

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Now, what just happened, is that a few hours ago the paparazzi reported a new encounter between the two lovebirds, and we know for sure that the two are currently in Los Angeles, and it is said that Diva from the Bronx He’s in town because he’s planning to move and stay there with the Oscar winner in “Argo.”

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It’s so easy for the paparazzi to see the smile on the actor’s face, when he was caught leaving his girlfriend’s house, they sure had a good night together, which added to the fact that they later reported that he went out with Jennifer, and despite that they just captured her, At the moment, there’s no doubt that she looks really happy, which is something we’ve been through in a long time that hasn’t happened, at least not on this level.

So, what is now speculated more intensely each time, is that many confirm that they are about to move in together, although seeing Ben leave JLo’s house all indicates that this appears to be true, without it, it is unknown whether The Home They Now is the one the singer has been visiting with A Rod for months.

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And it should also be remembered that for a long time Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been seen visiting real estate to buy them in the future, however, we know that will not be a reality now.

Since Lopez started dating Affleck again, she has stopped wearing bodycon as the only outfit and has gone back to her chic outwear dresses, high heels, and fancy handbags, more often than not, just as her ardent fans and the general public are intrigued by her. .

With this, we can confirm that the successful singer is living the dream stage, at the best moment in her career and completely filled with her personal life, after her well-known relationships with other celebrities such as Marc Anthony and her ex-husband recently. partner.

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He’s been seen happier than ever, enjoying life and love as a couple, and confirming that feeling loved truly adds luster to who he is.

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