What a lot afraid! Belinda is in mourning and today weeping her passing away

What a lot afraid!  Belinda is in mourning and today weeping her passing away

What a lot afraid! Unfortunately it happened, singer Belinda He is in mourning for having to shoot GrandmaAfter the woman had been seriously ill for several days in the hospital.

The news was released just a few minutes ago on Wednesday, February 10, today Belinda His family is in mourning after his grandmother finally left after her health deteriorated.

Various reports indicated that Ms. Joanna Moreno had been in hospital for several days after her health suffered a severe setback.

One of the main pillars in his family and for whom Singer of Hispanic origin Called “La Luz de mis ojos”, she accompanied her in that country with her daughter (singer’s mother) with whom she had a very close relationship.

She was the mother of a translator. “DopamineShe remained present and under the care of her mother, so it is now certain that it will be a difficult process that is difficult to overcome, so we hope that the Peregrine Scholl family will soon find her resignation in the face of this sad departure.

It must be remembered that Mrs. Joanna Moreno and her daughter Belinda Scholl mean two of the most important women in the life of a music star, so this loss is sure to leave a huge void for her and her family.

Likewise, this would mourn the loyal fans and followers of the upcoming “coach” of the reality talent show “La Voz Kids 2021”, who is also one of the famous personalities within Turns out In Mexico.

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Did you say goodbye to your grandmother?

Unfortunately, Mrs. Joanna could not cope with the serious health condition that prompted her to be hospitalized again in Spain and there are no further details as to whether the actress and singer was able to bid her farewell.

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Only a few days ago we knew the difficult moment that “Buy“And he was going through it before the possible outcome for loved ones.

The singer herself would have expressed her concern about her grandmother’s health, bearing in mind that the presence of the health crisis has caused the departure of many people in the European country and around the world.

And “Billy” at that time, that her grandmother was in great danger because she suffered from several diseases in the respiratory system, so she expressed herself at that time, which bothered her a lot.

I talked to my mom, she was so scared. Every day the situation in Spain is worse, and there are thousands of deaths. My grandmother is 87 years old, and she has emphysema among other diseases, obviously because of her age and because she has smoked all her life.

And on the most complicated day for her grandmother, the translator’s mother stayed with her, sharing in her stories some letters asking for prayers for her mother’s health.

In the midst of so much pain we are living in in the world, my mother is in a very delicate health condition. I ask a prayer for healing for her, she wrote in her stories.

Additionally, through the account of the Spanish-Mexican artist’s mother, a moment-later photo in which they both show hands is appreciated, and the emotional shot shows the strong bond that existed between the mother and her daughter.

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In the middle of the image you can see a text that has a lot of meaning and at the same time heartbreaking.

The most important woman in my life. My guide and soulmate. Never let me go, I cannot imagine life without you … He added that we will win this battle.

“I can’t imagine life without you,” Belinda’s mother dedicated passionate words to her mother. Snap Instagram

Unfortunately, his critical state of health could not have prevented him from overcoming various complications for which the causes have yet to be fully confirmed. The fear of a “Latin pop princess” has come true.

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So far, Belinda has not spoken about this topic, and the details of the funerals in honor of the dear lady are unknown, and Tv Notes revealed that it will be on Thursday February 11 and Friday February. 12, when the singer was the last farewell to her endearing lover. Rest in peace Mrs. Joanna Moreno

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