“Vacunate Py”, a new daily information space about the antiviral vaccination campaign

“Vacunate Py”, a new daily information space about the antiviral vaccination campaign

Asuncion, IP Agency.- Starting Monday, the “Vacunate Py” space will begin with everything related to the National Vaccination Plan and its development.

The space will be transmitted via Paraguay TV and Radio Nacional duplexes, from 08:00 to 09:00, with the participation of authorities from the Ministry of Health, who will remove doubts and inquiries about the vaccination process.

So far, Paraguay’s antiviral vaccination campaign has recorded more than 370,000 vaccinated people, among health workers and adults over 62 years of age, since the end of February.

From Monday, the vaccination of adults over 60 years of age will begin, and on more days pregnant women will be vaccinated. On Thursday and Saturday, Paraguay received two pieces worth 233,600 from the Kovacs Mechanism and a donation from the Government of Qatar.

Regarding the previous registration on the platform “take the vaccine”, Enabled registration of adults aged 50-59 years and pregnant women from 20 weeks’ gestation.

The Ministry of Health urges residents to Pre-registration In this platform, which allows population planning for each sector, location and other data for dosing.

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