They keep IAGO, a space that Toledo founded 33 years ago

They keep IAGO, a space that Toledo founded 33 years ago

Lucina Jimenez, Director of INBAL, said the maintenance was a commitment she made with Master Toledo, to give the building its dignity and grandeur.

Founded by artist Francisco Toledo in November 1988, the Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca (IAGO) has been an open space for more than three decades that has established itself over the years as the standard for graphics in Mexico and other parts of the world. , as well as one of the most important specialized art libraries in Latin America.

Hazem Jara, Director of IAGO, said that maintenance work for the two headquarters of this institute was recently completed, and this was made possible thanks to the support of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Letters (INBAL). On Friday, December 17, both venues opened exhibitions by artist Francisco Toledo.

During her visit to IAGO headquarters, Lucina Jimenez, Director of INBAL, noted that the maintenance work was a “commitment she made with the Maestro of Toledo, to give dignity and grandeur to the building that housed IAGO. It is a building where Toledo lived himself and today is where young, old and artists meet.” And foreigners and citizens, which is also a point of reference. I think doing all the work is very important because it helps her enjoy life for the coming decades.”

He added that part of the work that has been done is things that can’t be seen with the naked eye, “but we know it can present a risk, for example, electrical installations have been changed, lighting has been improved and roofs have been repaired. Waterproofing, respecting all building type guidelines “.

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Jara, Director of Space, commented that for those who are part of IAGO “It is very important to take care of this space, in addition to keeping the headquarters of Alcalá and Avenida Juárez in good condition, they are sites with suitable conditions for users and visitors we seek to preserve the heritage of landmark Francisco Toledo”.

They also leveled the details, fixed the doors, cleaned the floors, and repaired the yard and drains. It is important to note that the change in lighting in the library rooms makes it easier to read, and that IAGO has one of the most important libraries for art and literature in Mexico, with a current volume of more than 60 books. thousand copies.

The Director of INBAL stated that “IAGO is already going through the strong expression of the commitment of many people who maintain the desire and mission with which Francisco Toledo created this space; his family, his managers, his workers and the people who continue to meet at IAGO on a daily basis as a place of reference established by Maestro Toledo which is important Extremely “.

He added that the work of IAGO in these years of the pandemic, “expressed that call, that desire to give life to this work of art simply under other mechanisms, under other forms, and under other resources. Art, reading and books as a primary resource. In Forced confinement due to the epidemic, IAGO has reinvented itself.This is very important, not to give up in the face of danger.

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In November, the Institute of Graphic Arts in Oaxaca reopened all of its areas: the gallery, library and courtyard, some of which have been closed for a time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Director of IAGO commented that with the reopening of the library, exhibition rooms and the courtyard, “IAGO continues to be a space for people to get closer to the graphic work, the bibliographic collection, which researchers often consult, and is now a place with better conditions, giving us greater possibilities to plan workshops and performances Presentation and public events next year.

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