They will draw three science icons in the first and second quadrants of UNSL

They will draw three science icons in the first and second quadrants of UNSL

Art and science were the two pillars on which the change of time towards modernity was built. Pinta San Luis will dedicate both foundations of civilization with large murals in the first and second quarters of the UNSL, which will feature three icons marking scientific landmarks, a work to be determined under an agreement between the provincial government and the House of Studies.

The head of the Penta San Luis program, Rossio Aguero Garcia, confirmed that the works will start at the end of May, as the administrative process of the agreement signed in August between the two organizations has not yet been completed, and today the task will be progressed with the opening of tender envelopes to rent equipment for the tasks on the rise.

Aguero Garcia said, “The province will invest a total of five million pesos to obtain these tools, while the university will be responsible for providing the materials necessary to implement the intervention, such as paintings.”

The three historical figures of science to be reflected in the UNSL are physicist Albert Einstein. His colleague Marie Curie, a two-time Nobel Prize winner; The chemist of the nineteenth century, Dmitri Mendeleev, who emerged as the author of the theory that led to the creation of the periodic table of elements.

“The work will be executed by artists Victor Canaveri, Betiana Sosa and Marcelo Perez, who will assist four other colleagues and members of our staff in mixing and preparing the paint. The idea is to represent the greats of physics, mathematics and chemistry, and all disciplines related to the professions taught in the two buildings of the university,” he noted President Pinta San Luis, who added that they will use techniques from “pop”, “to make it more fun and not formal.”

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It is expected that the deadline for completing the two murals will be the end of July and the beginning of August, which is a wise time in the event that climatic factors are delayed in the completion of the artwork on the exterior walls of the first and second buildings, which are 140 meters high. Long by 13 height each. The third intervention will be on the cylindrical wall covering the fire exit, which is located between both structures on Avenida Ejército de los Andes.

While signing the agreement with the government in 2020, the dean of UNSL anticipated that the idea would be to replicate work with Pinta San Luis at the Mixed Regular School, although there have been no assurances of its realization yet.

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