Emilek comfortably qualifies for the group stage of the 2021 Sudamericana Cup | Football Sports

Emilek comfortably qualifies for the group stage of the 2021 Sudamericana Cup |  Football  Sports

The millionaires leave Macara on the road after their 2-0 win over Capwell.

Emelec sealed his presence in the first group stage in Copa Sudamericana history with a 2-0 win over Macara thanks to goals from Facondo Barcelo and Jose Francisco Cephalos. The electricians left the Ampat team on the road with a score of 4-2.

Uruguay Barcelona opened the account very early (minute 4) and the Ecuadorian Cephalos ruled in the second part on the key in favor of Elecers against a rival who faced the match by less than 64th minute due to Enson Rodriguez’s dismissal, who attacked. The author of the first goal.

Barcelona scored in the attacking position after receiving a decisive pass from Sebastian Rodriguez and defeated goalkeeper Joaquin Pochetta with high accuracy. The lines assistant did not alert or warn Central Referee Franklin Congo and the electricians ran gracefully into the center of the field.

This was the eighth goal in the 2021 Uruguay season, and with this, the Blues advanced 3-2 on aggregate, as a result of a draw they obtained on March 16, in Ambato, in the first leg.

After Brian Sanchez entered on the right side in the second half (45 minutes), Romario Caicedo began patrolling from the shuttle line deployed to his right.

14 millionaires would end up becoming the undisputed figure of the party and contributing to the service of its second and final goal.

In a new hook, Caicedo squadron from the right flank and when he won at the bottom centered so that Cephalos, to his liking, could settle the suit in the 75th minute.

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In 75 minutes, Caicedo came from behind, on his way by building a wall and slotted to shoot on goal. The right-back ex officio preferred to assist with personal play and made a cross pass into the center of the area, with Jose Cephalos entering and making it 2-0. (Dr)

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