Pepe Aguilar: The time his father Antonio Aguilar sang with Pedro Infante | Fame

Pepe Aguilar: The time his father Antonio Aguilar sang with Pedro Infante |  Fame

How did Antonio Aguilar and Pedro Infante sing together? The artists are two representative figures of Mexican music and performance, respectively. But not many knew that at some point, they came together to present a unique show that was recorded on YouTube for posterity. the father I spent an unforgettable moment with the great representative of the Golden Cinema of Mexico.

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Antonio Aguilar He is the highest representative of , a legacy compiled and worked on by his son Bibi, who followed in his footsteps with a talent for singing. But, as today, Aguilar does not only attract attention to talent.

It is also very popular for its eventual appearance in the entertainment press and . one way or another, Baby Aguilar He was responsible for following up on his father’s business and became one of the best preachers who maintain .

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while from Pedro Infante He is largely remembered as one of the greats history of latin cinema. He didn’t stand out just for him Films Famous, but also for his vocal ability when he got on stage, he ended up joining him with his fellow artist. Antonio Aguilar.

Mexican actor Pedro Infante during his visit to Lima in 1957. Photo: GEC . Historical Archives

How did Antonio Aguilar and Pedro sing infants?

Antonio Aguilar and Pedro Infante became more friends when they starred in the movie “”A corner close to heavenIt was first shown in 1952 and output Rogelio A. Gonzalez. From this joint work, Patriarch Aguilar and “Mexico idolThey became more intimate.

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In this way, the celebrity gathered a friendship that also moved into the field of arts. Because, as mentioned above, they both have a great talent for singing and making their audience fall in love.

That’s why the celebrities performed the song together”starry nightThe video of that magical moment has arrived Youtube To celebrate the genius followers of the dead Mexicans.

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Who was Antonio Aguilar?

Mexican singer Antonio Aguilar, He passed away on June 19, 2007He has an enviable discography: 160 albums. In his career, Pepe Aguilar’s father has sold more than 25 million copies Mexican music phenomenon.

Aguilar Born on May 17, 1919, in Villanueva, Zacatecas. In addition to being a singer, he was an actor, screenwriter, and producer. career lesson airline in New York, United States. However, he got a scholarship for singers in the big Apple.

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