Threats, persecution and business closures after Maria Corina Machado's visit to Táchira

Threats, persecution and business closures after Maria Corina Machado's visit to Táchira

Scary and a lot of tension in Tachira before the visit of Maria Corina Machado

Franklin Chacón, a bakery owner and leader of several commandos in the parish of La Palmita, in the municipality of Panamericano, in the state of Tachira, was arbitrarily kidnapped without any arrest warrant by alleged police officers who took him from his home on Wednesday afternoon. Only a few hours after Maria Corina Machado arrived in the Andean entity.

By Luz Dari Depablos / Reporter

Vanklin Chacon's wife, Juni, said in a video clip that circulated on social media that she felt desperate not knowing her husband's whereabouts. “I'm scared because I think something might happen to him,” she pleaded.

After Chacon's disappearance, citizens took refuge in their homes, and out of fear, businesses closed very early in the towns of the northern Tachira region, leaving the streets completely isolated amid heavy and uninterrupted rain. electricity.

Franklin Chacon, a bakery owner and leader of several commandos

There are still no details about the status of activist Tachira. It was known, unofficially, that he would work very actively for several weeks with the residents of the community to receive the national leader, Maria Corina Machado, an obvious reason why he was forcibly taken away by the alleged police officials.

Restaurant owned by Francisco Ramirez, director of Vente in Táchira

On the other hand, in the morning hours of Wednesday, an audio clip was circulated on social networks in which Lieutenant Colonel Michael Guevara, commander of the 214th Detachment of the La Greta National Guard, allegedly issues orders to carry out the seizure of motorcycles for several days, as part of a request made by the Mayor of Chavista of the Municipality of Jorge and the person responsible for the security of citizens.

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Many La Greta residents' motorcycles were detained until further notice, a situation that was repeated in the municipalities of Panamericano and García de Hevia, where mobile checkpoints were also installed, measures seen as intimidation so that citizens would not try to ride their motorcycles. To receive Maria Corina Machado this Thursday.

On the other hand, it was also learned that a well-known restaurant in the Barrio Obrero sector of San Cristóbal, owned by a relative of an opposition leader who supports the MCM leadership and presidential run, has been closed. Edmundo Gonzalez.

Siniyat sanctioned and closed the T-Burger restaurant, owned by Francisco “Pancho” Ramírez, Vente Venezuela’s director in the region. Cesar Pérez's sister restaurant, Vivas, suffered the same fate.

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