Tips for an ideal work space at home

Tips for an ideal work space at home

The current situation caused by the epidemic has prompted many companies to take precautionary measures to avoid exposing their employees to the virus. This is why many employees will continue to work from home with work crews. This protocol suggests continuing to work normally every two weeks from home, which is generally not prepared for this method, but architect Cintia Estay offers some advice for organizing that space and implementing a welcoming environment to work in peace.

Order and pointKeeping a work area clean and organized can have a huge impact on productivity, focus, and ability to find what we need. You might be surprised at how efficiently you can work after cleaning a busy office. All it takes is a little time and discipline to get rid of unnecessary things and a system to make sure everything is in place.“A messy office is a sign of clutter of the mind. It can prevent a heavy work area from being productive.” Says a professional space organizer, it makes it simple, you work more efficiently.Feeling the pressure to keep a perfect space all the time has been shown to become another form of procrastination: When a person begins to think “I can’t start working if everything is not right”, in fact, they limit themselves.That’s why workspaces have to be tidy and organized, even more so than residential spaces.“Get the bare minimum, on hand, to work comfortably. This way we save time. I also recommend putting together a stationery kit and discarding what’s left. Drawer organizer trays are recommended to keep the space neat and organized. We should also clean the desks and furniture surfaces,” he says. The expert says.He also adds that it is essential to avoid, as much as possible, items of a personal nature in this workspace, such as photographs, souvenirs or other accessories that occur.

To avoid massive contagion, companies have implemented remote work. Here are some suggestions for working from home.

Tips to keep in mind
– Clean up well.
Do not clutter anything, especially papers.
Classification of both office supplies and documents.
– Folders stickers for more efficiency.
Standardize posters to achieve visual harmony.
– Incoming papers must be classified. What is useless is immediately eliminated.
Place a paper / trash bin near you.
Everything should have a place and should be returned after use.
Be steadfast and disciplined.

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