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To survive – DiarioSports

El Ceibo welcomes San Martín de Marcos Juárez tonight from 9:30 p.m. for the second point of the Regional Basketball League semi-finals. Our city team must win a yes or a yes to extend the series into a decisive game.

The “national flower” for the first time in the year will be obligated to win the match in order to continue to compete. Is the San Francisco team playing tonight the possibility of continuing to compete in the regional league or staying out.

Those led by Eduardo Bellingini lost at Marcos Juarez last Sunday and need a win today so they can take the series back to St. Martin’s where the competition will be decided.

For this to happen, El Ceibo will have to improve on what has been accomplished at the “Leonardo Gutiérrez” stadium and make a match with the predominance of his playing style and not as his opponent suggests.

Once again, he’ll have to be very careful with experienced “gaucho” players like Facundo Toia and Germán Sciutto, who were the architects of San Martín’s victory in the first game.

Complete ‘Antonio Senna’ is expected and with many people cheering for ‘Venus’ realizing she needs her fans so they can move forward and fulfill the dream of reaching the regional league final.


El Cebu: Aaron Bono, German Rufino, Bruno Perez, Thomas Silvera, Augustin Blasey, Martin Saoko, Matteo Silvera, Augustin Lozano, Pablo Godino, Lautaro Floretto, Benjamin Almada, Thiago Tomatis. Dt: Eduardo Blingini.

San Martin: Ian Sagiorato, Facundo Toya, Juan Delarosa, Lucio Brunoni, Andrés Renzi, Francisco Secco, Mariano Chiwando, Diego Mancinelli, Santiago Raspo, Valentin Albeiro, Germain Sioto and Juan Garrito. Dt: Gustavo Siracci.

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Stadium: “Antonio Sina”

hour: 21:30

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