Tokyo 2020: The Olympics controversy over super sneakers that help athletes break world records | nczd | dtbn | Total Sports

Tokyo 2020: The Olympics controversy over super sneakers that help athletes break world records |  nczd |  dtbn |  Total Sports

the They show a surprising trend in athletics events: runners break world records with some ease. For example, in the 400-meter hurdles final, the winner and his goalkeeper set new records. And American Ray Benjamin 46.17.

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Prior to the mega sporting event, the historical record was 46.78 and was set by North American Kevin Young in Barcelona 1992. In addition, Brazilian Alison dos Santos surpassed this record with a time of 46.72 to take the bronze medal. For this reason, it was remarkable that the record that had been in force for nearly 30 years had been broken several times.

The answer will be directly related to the athletes’ shoes. For many experts, the new technology used in the shoes is the reason for the incredible speed that competitors can achieve.

Along these lines, Karsten Warholm gave his take on the new shoes made by the Nike brand. “If you put a trampoline in there, I think it is bullshit. I think it takes away the credibility of our sport. I don’t understand why you should put something under your running shoes.”He said frankly in Agence France-Presse.

Later, when asked about his shoes that Puma made, it made a difference: “What I can say about the shoes that I have been developing in collaboration between Puma and the Mercedes Formula One team is that we try to make them as credible as possible. Yes, we have the carbon plate, but we tried to make it as thin as possible because that is how I like to do it. Of course, it will be The technology is always there, but I also want to keep it at a level where we can compare results. This is important.”

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According to the Norwegian, the problem lies in the Nike Air Zoom Maxfly shoes that American Ray Benjamin used in the 400-meter hurdles. This version has a carbon fiber plate combined with a special, super-active foam known as ZoomX, capable of delivering an 85% energy return on every step and generating a sense of propulsion.

This is what the Nike Air Zoom Maxfly shoe looks like | Photo: Nike.

Ray Benjamin, for his part, defended himself against these questions: “People say it’s the track, the shoes… I’m going to wear different shoes and I’m going to keep running fast. It doesn’t really matter, in all honesty. I mean, there’s some efficiency in the shoe, don’t get me wrong, and it’s nice to have a good track, but nobody’s in History is going to go in there and do what we just absolutely did. I don’t care who you are, it might be Kevin Young, Edwin Moses… All due respect to these guys, but they can’t manage what we just did.”

Usain Bolt had already warned

The living legend of sports warned of this situation before realizing Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesBecause not all brands use the same technology to make their shoes.

“When they told me, I couldn’t believe that’s what we came up with. We’re actually adjusting the advice to a level where it now gives athletes an edge to run faster. It’s strange and unfair to a lot of athletes because I know that in the past (manufacturers) really tried,” the board said. : “No, you can’t.”, in an interview with the British medium The Guardian. He also stated that, with these new shoes, he would have completed 100m “Less than 9.5 seconds for sure. Undoubtedly”.

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It should be noted that all shoes are World Athletics certified, although the rules governing athletics have recently changed the rules to accommodate the latest innovations.

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