Russian intelligence officers are in Mexico, according to a high-ranking US general | international | News

Russian intelligence officers are in Mexico, according to a high-ranking US general |  international |  News

The commander of the United States Northern Command on Thursday highlighted a large presence of Russian intelligence personnel in Mexico, Noting his “concern” about Chinese and Russian efforts to influence the Americas region.

General Glenn Vanherk said during a Senate hearing that Currently in Mexico there is the world’s largest number of members of the Russian Military Intelligence Organization, better known by its acronym GRU.

Vanherk referred to the issue when asked about the challenges facing the United States at the border with Mexico, where many transnational criminal organizations operate.

“What worries me is the instability it creates, and the opportunity it creates for actors such as China, Russia and others who may have nefarious activities in mind to seek access and influence in our region“, claimed.

The senior US general, who also leads the North American Air Defense Command, said there are “very aggressive and active” actors in North America and the Caribbean.

“I would like to point out that Most of the GRU members in the world are in Mexico at the moment. These are Russian intelligence personnel. They are closely monitoring their chances of influencing the opportunities and access enjoyed by the United States.

Southern Command Commander Laura Richardson, who testified Thursday before the Senate Armed Services Committee, agreed with Vanherk’s assessment.

“I’ve been driving for nearly five months and what impressed me is how far I’ve come China and Russia are aggressively expanding their influence in our neighborhood.”said General Richardson, who is responsible for US military operations in the Caribbean, Central and South America. (me)

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