Top 10 South American players in the English Premier League

Top 10 South American players in the English Premier League

It’s not new: globalization came to football a long time ago. Flexibility in hiring footballers makes it more and more common to have teams Very few local players on the team, especially when it comes to the great Europeans. There are a lot of examples, but let’s take just one: Manchester Cityplayed by him real madrid With only two Englishmen at the start of the match.

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Against this background, Four Four Two magazine decided to compile only the top 10 South American footballers who played in Premier League. With the risk of being very modern because even a few decades ago It was not at all uncommon to find players from this part of the world in England, the list left some open discussions.

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Not only Argentine and Brazilian

As in almost every corner of the globe, Argentines and Brazilians are in a good way when it comes to football. But in The selection made by the British publication includes not only those countries, but also Colombians, Ecuadorians and Uruguayans.

Kun and Luzhou, fissures.  Reuters.

Kun and Luzhou, fissures. Reuters.

Number 1, which is better for Four Four Two, is not surprising. it’s about Sergio AgueroAnd Who else made history in Manchester City with 184 goals, a unique number for any foreign footballer in the Premier League. The platform is complete Luis Suarezwho was top scorer for the 2013-2014 season with LiverpoolAnd Fernandinho, captain of the Citizens’ team today.

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The Brazilian midfielder may surprise, but he has already won four league titles and is seeking a fifth title in his final season at City. Reason enough, by magazine standards, to ditch Carlos TevezWhich ranked fourth in this table. Idol at West Ham, won two Premier League titles and one champion with United before moving to rivals in town.

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Between the fifth and the seventh, the situation becomes more controversial due to the always subjective method of selection. Following the emergence of Tevez, Alisson Becker, the goalkeeper who has become the most expensive goalkeeper in the world and is a record player at Liverpool – but has he already earned a place in the top five? Then more surprises: Alexis Sanchez, What was done at Arsenal and United. Chilean pride.

The only Chilean Alexis.  EFE.

The only Chilean Alexis. EFE.

Seventh, another Brazilian from the Reds appears and it seems that he did not offer the advantages of being in a good position. it’s about Robert Firmino, who is today a replacement for Jurgen Klopp. Then Ederson appeared.the City goalkeeper, who has adapted very well to Pep Guardiola’s style.

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The list is closed by two related players, as well as references within the playing field. History with your choices. The ninth is Javier MascheranoAnd At first at West Ham and then at Liverpool he became a full-fledged footballer. Close the top ten is no less than Antonio Valenciasymbol of Ecuador.

Antonio Valencia, United character.  France Press agency.

Antonio Valencia, United character. France Press agency.

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And you, do you agree?

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