Top Mistakes Vape Brands Make While Choosing Contract Packaging Company

Top Mistakes Vape Brands Make While Choosing Contract Packaging Company

The vape brands often choose contract packaging for streamlining the packaging process. In most cases, the vape brands choose contract packaging for vape cartridge packaging because it is more durable and promises higher protection to the expensive vape products. This is why various vape brands contact various packaging brands, but they often make mistakes.

In various cases, the brands research various companies for contract packaging according to the niche market prerequisites and budget. However, they end up missing something in the context and start wondering what went wrong. This usually happens when brands don’t take the time to choose the right vendor for their wholesale vape cartridge packaging.

So, if you are trying to choose a packaging vendor and don’t want to end up with packaging loss or improperly designed packaging, we are sharing some common mistakes made by vape brands!

Not Considering The Distance

When it comes down to choosing the right packaging vendor for vape packaging, it’s extremely important to think about their factory or office location. This is an important consideration because it will be extremely challenging to communicate with the packaging supplier that’s living far away, and they will be hard to access – convenient access is critical to ensure seamless shipping.

It’s evident that when packaging supplies are supplied from far-off places, it will be quite expensive and the logistics process will be more complicated. All of this leads to a loss of money and time. For this reason, always choose the packaging supplier that lives close by.

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Only Considering The Price

There is no denying the fact that money is the most critical factor for every business, but it’s incredibly foolish to make all business decisions based on price and money. While it’s essential to consider how much packaging costs but it’s also important to be away from the trouble. This is because it pushes the vape brands to choose the lowest-price packaging, but it tends to compromise the quality.

So, while you are considering the price, you need to consider other aspects and potential problems that can come with low-price packaging. For instance, the packaging might not be suitable for the products, and it won’t suffice the packaging needs to the level you desire. So, at the end of the day, you need to choose the packaging that strikes a balance between a suitable price as well as the right features and aesthetics.

Insufficient Production Capacity

The majority of packaging companies are only suitable for taking on the initial business and meeting the packaging demands at the beginning of the contract. On the other hand, the vape brands are set for growth as it’s in the growth phase, which is why it is important to choose the packaging company that can grow with your brand growth.

The biggest quality of a high-quality packaging company is its ability to cater to the expanding needs of the clients. For instance, they must have the resources for purchasing new labor, equipment, and raw materials to create more packaging supplies according to the increasing packaging needs. In fact, they should be able to meet your packaging needs if you decide to start selling vape juices, even if you hired them for vape devices in the past.

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This is an important point to discuss and consider because it can be extremely challenging to choose a new packaging supplier if you decide to expand your product range in the future.

Not Choosing In-House Packaging

The majority of vape brands opt for contract packaging or outsource the packaging when in-house packaging can be a profitable choice. In fact, some brands only opt for contract packaging because they are unable to manage the in-house packaging product elements. However, it’s important to consider the numbers associated with both sources of packaging.

For instance, if you have already paid for the packaging equipment and raw materials, and the process can be automated, there is no point in wasting the investment and paying extra to the contract packaging supplier. In simpler words, it will be extremely inefficient and costly to shift to a contract packaging plan in some cases, so always do the math before you sign that contract!

Not Considering The Comfortable Relinquishing Control

As an order placer, you need to have the ability to cancel the plan, but it’s not considered by the brands. This is because they end up signing the packaging contract without considering the relinquishing control. This particular factor is essential for having control over the packaging, including the packaging equipment, raw material, and other dynamics that can influence how the packaging will turn out.

Generally, the packaging suppliers don’t provide such support and control to the clients, so make sure that you are getting the control you would like. For this reason, always read the packaging contract to save yourself from uncomfortable situations.

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