Triple team – Covid-19 leaves the palace for basketball

Triple team – Covid-19 leaves the palace for basketball

Something good had to be stopped after so much suffering caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the world and especially in our country.

Due to preventive and health measures, indoor mass meetings are limited.

Virgilio Travieso Soto’s Sports Palace has been, is, and surely – when everything is back to normal – will remain a strategic venue for holding events that attract a large number of people.

From artistic performances, works of a political and religious nature to university graduation, the installation is one of their favorite settings due to its characteristics of an enclosed space that can comfortably accommodate thousands of people and can be air-conditioned, provided it is included in the expenses of the activity in question.

Well, this year and for the reason mentioned above, the men’s and women’s superior basketball tournaments, as well as the national leagues for both branches, ran smoothly. If it’s not a record, it’s an excellent average.

The only unfortunate thing is that as a result of the epidemic also, loyal and good fans of hoop and ball sports were not able to significantly fill their normal stage and were able to keep a close eye on their favorite players. Forced break in 2020, they were able to enjoy their dedication, passion and display all their talents.

quick break.- The Dominican U-16 team started with a 107-54 victory over Chile in the Americas Championship. It also shares a set with Puerto Rico and the United States. The short season of the LNB and the close struggle for ranking prompted the team managers to change reinforcements very quickly. It is curious that the debts accumulated with many people, some of whom have already disappeared, the voting paper of journalists includes only former basketball players from the people of Larissa Diaz and Ricardo Greer.

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