Azuquika City Council will build a new space to host cultural events and festivals

Azuquika City Council will build a new space to host cultural events and festivals

Called La Caja, it will have an area of ​​1,750 square meters and will be located on a municipal plot located between Carmen Burgos Street and Madrid Avenue.

Azuqueca de Henares City Council will build a new multifunctional space in the coming months to host cultural events and festivals. It is called ‘La Caja’, in reference to the magical box of the theatre, which is constantly changing to offer endless possibilities and is understood as a transparent, enclosed and empty space, but with the sporadic possibility of being permeable with the surrounding urban space.

La Caja will be installed on a plot of 10,095.17 square metres, on the corner of Avenida de Madrid and Calle Carmen Burgos. The covered square has an area of ​​about 1,750 square metres, and a building for toilets, warehouses and facilities is 150 square metres. An area on the plot will be reserved for planting another building, with a floor area of ​​50 x 50 metres, expandable to 50 x 80 metres.

It is estimated that the implementation of the project will cost about 1.5 million euros, which is paid in full through the municipal budget.

The Local Government Council, in its session on August 19, approved a tender for the contract for the drafting of the construction management and health and safety coordination project, with a budget of 121.589.73 euros. “The objective of this contract is to obtain an advisory service and technical assistance that will allow the development of the implementation project and the necessary work guidance to provide the municipality with a multifunctional building, in which a range of works can be carried out that significantly improve the provision of public services,” declared Yolanda Rodrigues, Urban Innovation Consultant.

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According to Chancellor Yolanda Rodriguez, “The construction of this multifunctional building is intended to focus the celebration of events and events in the city, such as fairs, plays or concerts.” Adding that “a closed building will be shown with the possibility of opening a building when weather conditions permit, but always with the option of holding events under cover.”

The construction of this new multifunctional space will constitute an important improvement in the management of municipal resources. The budget for renting and servicing tents will be reduced to celebrate festive events, sectoral fairs and cultural activities. In addition, the social and cultural life of the city is invigorated, because from now on, Azuqueca will be able to host relevant events that until now did not have an infrastructure of appropriate proportions.

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