Triumph and good feelings from Aleñá in his debut with …

Triumph and good feelings from Aleñá in his debut with …

Carles Alenia He appeared on Monday as a Getafe player in Al Nasr Of azolons in Elche in a ratio of 1-3. Youth team F.C.B, On loan to Getafense, started and completed the entire match on José Bordalás’ team. Good news for both the footballer and Barcelona, ​​who gave the youngster the promise of playing the missing minutes at Camp Nou.

The Getafe coach put Mataro in the midfield, ahead of the double pivot formed by Mauro Arambari and Maximovic. The Catalan had clearly switched from less to more and in the first half he was somewhat shy and felt he should relax more. He wanted to show himself between the lines, but he didn’t take too much risk and left few details on the quality Those treasures. In addition, he had a high chance to score, but his shot from inside the area deflected when a goal was already called up.

Fortunately, the midfielder improved early in the second half like the rest of his team-mates. Elche stayed with one shortly after the start of the second half and the people of Madrid went into the game and became the big showdowns. For this, it was important to step in front of Carlis, who First as a playmaker and later as a midfielder in Dual Axle, this was one of the great news Of those seconds 45 minutes.

That person asked Maresme as if he was a regular on Getafe and From the left side of midfield he put on many interesting plays. He filtered a few very good passes between the lines, drove and was a switch in 1-2 for Azolone. The Contrano waved, playing with one touch, saw on the right not being watched by Takefusa Cubo, who also made his debut, perfect for the Japanese to face and shoot and cause Edgar Badia to be eliminated and then both Jaime Mata.

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Aleñá lasted 90 minutes in the field

In addition, Alina showed it Physically he is much better than expected after the little he played in Barcelona. The Catalan has played only 170 minutes between all competitions so far and that’s why he decided to leave. But that wasn’t important to Bordalas, who didn’t hesitate to give the midfielder 90 minutes on his Madrid debut.

In the meeting, Carles made it clear that he had been taking a lot of himself these months with Barcelona, ​​enduring the entire meltdown on the field without a problem. He was never tired, sparing no defensive efforts and appeared in the attack Whenever he can. In short, the emergence of an outstanding footballer of a growing footballer could be a key for Getafensis in the second half of the campaign.

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