Trump pressured Georgia to “find fraud” with a phone call

Trump pressured Georgia to “find fraud” with a phone call

Atlanta – Electoral officials in Georgia check signatures on postal ballot papers in a district in the Atlanta metropolitan area Donald Trump He demanded that the lead investigator “find the fraud” and that it could turn him into a national player.

The December call, described by one person familiar with the matter, demanded anonymity to address the mainstay of the debate, another link in the chain of extraordinary pressure campaigns Trump has placed on government officials in an attempt to oust his officials from the November election results he appeared to Democrats Joe Biden.

It was one of at least three phone calls made in a month from early December to early January, in which Trump sought help from top officials in Georgia to ease the election. Every effort. Trump lost to Biden in Georgia by a margin of 11,779 votes.

The investigator received the call before Trump called Jan. 2 for Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger. It happened when election officials audited signatures on postal ballot papers in Cope County.

Through the audit, more than 15,000 signatures were reviewed and no fraud cases were found. Assisted in the audit of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

For months, Trump and his allies have been making false claims about the Georgia signature verification process and the election results in November. Among other things, they demanded a signature verification audit.

The White House has not yet commented on the matter. The Washington Post was the first store to report the call on Saturday. The sales outlet indicated that it was blocking the identity of the investigator who did not respond to requests for comment due to the risk of threats and harassment against election officials.

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