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good morning. MPs will vote Terms (PDF) Boris Johnson will face Conservative uprising this afternoon – although the government is unlikely to lose because of labor support – it is expected that the Conservative Backbench’s vice chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Charles Walker, will do so this afternoon Not important for both reasons.

First, the lock-suspicions in the Tory press have strong support. For example, today Sun editorial Describes the lock as “back into the abyss into a large, sightless abyss.” It is often best to ignore Sun editorials, but these views are still being counted on in Conservative party politics. Today’s referendum will justify these arguments.

Second, it is a precursor to a referendum on when the Commons will decide how to change the lockout after December 2. Johnson may win comfortably today, but the Tory Libertarian faction is trying to close in anticipation of anything similar to the locking extension in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Some this morning Conservatives The hitherto undecided people involved themselves in voting against the government.

Mark Harper, Former chief whip, said In an article by ConservativeHome That he would resist locking. He says:

I have a fundamental objection to the use of reasonable force to enforce these rules by government agencies that are not properly trained to use that power safely. As a former home minister, I have found that when reasonable power is abused, it can lead to unnecessary deaths.

Despite assurances from ministers in the Despatch box that the matter was going to be resolved, it was unfortunately not. These regulations give PCSOs the power to exercise reasonable power and, most seriously, “any person appointed by the Secretary of State for the purposes of this regulation”. My view is that the use of reasonable force should be limited to police officers who receive considerable training in when and how to use this force safely.

In light of the above, I do not believe that the government has created this case in favor of national lockout across the UK, away from the deployed system.

Steve Baker, Used by the former Brexit minister An article by Telegraph Explain why he is voting against the lockout. He says:

I’m sorry I couldn’t Charge unreasonable costs of locking Based on the required balance judgment calls. I plan to vote against this move, but I do not condemn supporting locking if they think it will reduce the harm.

Both Harper and Baker devote much of their respective arguments to criticizing the maps used to justify the lockout at Saturday night’s press conference, and especially to the discredited plan that the death toll could reach 4,000 a day. Looking back, that chart seems to be counter-produced.

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Peter Bone, Who said he was not yet determined on Monday, has confirmed he will vote against. She is also dissatisfied with modeling.

Peter Bone MP.

Today I will vote against a second national lockout. The government’s case is based on dubious modeling. It seems to me that there are lies, humble lies and cowboy figures !!

November 4, 2020

So there it is Stephen McFartland.

Stephen McFartland

I vote against another lock. Mental health problems are forgotten with supermarket workers, delivery drivers, emergency services, NHS, caretakers, teachers, postmen and millions of low-wage workers who still have to go to work.

November 4, 2020

The agenda for the day is here.

9.30 am: Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, presents evidence to the Govt – 19 committee of the Scottish Parliament.

9.30 am: Professor Peter Horby, a member of the Sage, and other academics provide evidence for the ‘Corona virus – Lessons Learned’ investigation conducted by public health and science groups; At 11 a.m., Kate Bingham, head of the vaccination task force, provides evidence.

11 a.m .: Sir Simon Stevens, President of the NHS UK, hosts the press conference.

12 noon: Boris Johnson Sir Khair confronts Stormer in PMQs.

12.15 pm: Sturgeon is expected to host a corona virus conference.

12.15 pm: The Welsh government is to hold a corona virus conference.

12.45pm: Johnson opens the discussion on the rules governing locking in the UK. MPs will vote at 3.45pm.

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Here is our global corona virus live blog.

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