UK Travel News Live – India, France add travel ban, thousands stranded and flights canceled

UK Travel News Live – India, France add travel ban, thousands stranded and flights canceled

Trains and motorways loaded with people fleeing London for Christmas are a travel mess

Dozens of countries have announced the suspension of flights appearing from the UK amid global concerns of a highly contagious corona virus.

On Monday, India annexed Europe, the Middle East and much of Asia, following Boris Johnson’s weekend warning that the new Govt mutation was too contagious.

The move has sparked panic over global supply chains and new food imports to Britain, and travelers are stuck until Christmas.


Mexico disables air ban

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador said Monday that Mexico would examine whether to suspend flights from the UK following the discovery of a new strain of the corona virus.

Speaking at a regular government press conference on Monday, he said the Ministry of Health would inform him during the day’s study whether Mexico should follow other countries in suspending flights from Britain.

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Trucks stranded in the UK are wondering if they will come home for Christmas

Not only plane, train and ferry passengers leaving home this Christmas – lorries on both sides of the channel face long queues, and they won’t be where they should be until Friday.

Stanislaw Olbrich, a 55-year-old truck driver stranded 24 miles north of Dover after most of the world closed its borders to Britain, wants to go home to Christmas in southern Poland with his wife and three children.

“I’m taking the goods to the UK, I’m not going home because of the stupid virus, but I do not know if it’s a virus – I think it’s political,” Ashford told Reuters at International Trackstop.

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England is in contact with France over border closures

Downing Street said the UK government was in contact with French authorities about a ban on trucks crossing the channel.

Asked if Boris Johnson believed the French move was fair, the prime minister’s official spokesman said: “We are openly working incredibly closely with our international partners and are working urgently to minimize disruption as much as possible.”

The spokesman added: “We are in close contact with the French to try to resolve this.”

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US air ban? ‘Everything is possible,’ says the officer

US Assistant Secretary of State for Health Brett Giorgio has said that the Trump administration will implement a travel ban on flights from the UK.

He told CNN: “We are waiting for the CDC recommendations. Last night, Dr. [Robert] Redfield [the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] There is no recommendation for that. We get more information every hour. We need to ask the best experts… but for now I have no new updates.

“I think everything has to be on the table. We have to look at the data, explore the science, understand the risks, and then make a decision. Everything is possible.”

He said the new strain is no more dangerous or dangerous than the current corona virus. He added that there was no evidence that it would affect the vaccines that were released.

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Do international train and ferry connections operate from the UK?

Eurostar said it was unable to run trains from London to Paris, Brussels, Lille or Amsterdam on Monday or Tuesday.

Trains from Paris to London will continue to run, and plans to start services from the UK and back on Wednesday, the company said.

Euro Tunnel has been banned from accessing its UK base since 10pm after departing at 9.34pm.

Dover’s ferry terminal has been closed to “all traffic leaving the UK” since France moved to close its border.

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Close Kuwait

Kuwait is to close its borders and ban all international commercial flights until 2021.

The government has announced that land grabs, airports and ports will be closed from tonight until January 1.

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UK immunization program not affected by the embargo

The Secretary of Transportation has said that the Covit-19 vaccination program will not be affected by France’s ban on British freight trucks.

Grand Shops said the disruption around the Channel Ports in Kent would “not have an impact” on the delivery of the corona virus vaccine in the UK as contingency plans were in place.

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Can US ban UK flights?

The U.S. State Department has said its travel advice to Britain remains unchanged at Level 3 – a “do not travel” warning below Level 4.

The State Department website’s guideline states: “United Kingdom transport options are still limited, but continue to operate.”

However, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he wants to ban flights from Britain to New York City.

“Right now, in the UK this variant is boarding a plane and flying to JFK,” he was quoted as saying. Washington Post As said.

A few days after rumors spread that Donald Trump was considering easing current travel restrictions, most people in the UK were barred from traveling to the United States.

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Stena Line doubles Ireland-France freight route

Ferry company Stena Line has offered to double its direct Ireland freight service to France. There was a “great demand” for those coming from Britain from the Irish Halleys affected by the closure of the French border.

Although freight services have been excluded from Ireland’s Sunday ban on travel to Britain over fears of a new corona virus outbreak, about 3,000 lorries make the shortest route each week to the mainland of Europe, known as the British “Land-Bridge”.

As Britain’s Brexit transition period came to an end, Stena planned to add a second ship from the Irish port of Rosler to the French port of Cherbourg, increasing the number of weekly ships by six as Britain’s Brexit transition period came to an end.

Instead the ferry company said the service would start from Tuesday.

Tom Patsler21 December 2020 12:40

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