UK WEATHER: The country faces a ‘timeline of risks’ this week as the storm takes over | UK News

UK WEATHER: The country faces a ‘timeline of risks’ this week as the storm takes over |  UK News

The British Met Office warned that the UK faces a “timetable of various risks” this week as Storm Kristoff moves across the country.

Weather warnings of torrential rains have been put in place across the UK, but there are also risks of snowfall and winds, threatening widespread disruption.

Rain is “at first” the main concern for Storm Kristof, according to Met Office spokesperson Ole Claydon, adding that there will be changes as the week goes by as the low pressure brings in the cooler air.

Flood defenses are being prepared in York

He said that it would be “a timetable for the various risks over time during the week, but the first risk is definitely precipitation, and this is reflected in the warnings at the moment.”

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning through Thursday that will cover all of England, as Bolton in Greater Manchester has seen the brunt of the rain so far, dropping 24.4 mm from midnight to 8am on Tuesday.

About 35 mm fell in Aberliffe in West Wales during the same period – the highest amount of overnight precipitation in the UK.

Floodwaters are already starting to rise in Leicester as motorists are stranded as flood defenses are being erected on the banks of the River Ouse in York.

Heavy rain is expected on Tuesday night in England, as the Bureau of Meteorology warned that some buildings could be inundated by floods, leading to damage.

A “danger to life” warning was issued due to the fast or deep flood waters flowing, while there is a “good chance” some areas may be cut off.

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In places like the northern Peak District, about 70 mm of rain is expected, with 200 mm of potential rain falling in parts of southern Pennines.

In most of Wales and England there is a yellow rain warning until Wednesday, while a yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in effect in Scotland between Elgin and Dundee and along the East Coast from Wednesday afternoon until midday Thursday.

As of lunchtime Tuesday, the Environment Agency has issued 16 flood warnings, with another 119 flood warnings across England.

On the roads, Highways England has advised drivers to exercise caution, while the Center for Regional Activities said that motorists should only drive if they urgently need to.

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Snow blankets of sand in the Sahara desert

Sky News’s meteorological team said Storm Christophe will bring “steady rain” to some parts of the UK over the next two days, with Northern Ireland, northern England and Wales at risk.

“There is a higher amber warning in effect in parts of the Northwest England, the East Midlands and parts of the East England where more than 100 mm of rain is expected across the highlands and up to 200 mm of rain is expected in the exposed areas. Therefore, over a month’s period” Rainfall is possible for these areas in just two days.

“Conditions will get drier on Thursday as Storm Christophe moves away, but floods are still expected in northern, central and eastern England as it takes a day or so for rain to transfer into rivers from the higher ground.

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“As the storm passes, there may be some significant snowfall across the interior of eastern Scotland as well. The rest of the week will be cold again but with occasional wintry periods, especially in the north.”

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