Un Nuevo Tiempo: Venezuelan opposition announces list of unity to face Chavismo in November regional elections | International

Un Nuevo Tiempo: Venezuelan opposition announces list of unity to face Chavismo in November regional elections |  International
Henry Ramos Allop is the leader of the Asian Democratic Social Democratic Party in Caracas this Wednesday.Michael Gutierrez / EFE

Venezuelan resistance He has confirmed his participation in the regional elections on Tuesday It will take place on November 21st and it will be added to the single list. Opposition parties to the government Nicolas Maduro They have strategized to limit the registration of candidates for 23 governors, 335 mayors and local councilors and representatives. According to a report read by representatives of all parties in the opposition coalition at the Caracas headquarters of the An Nuevo Timbo party, the outcome of the election boycott was “a difficult process of domestic and regional participation with leaders and nationals.” We moved with the aim of strengthening unity. “

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It is a known fact that various leaders want to participate in elections called by the government. Participating in a single constituency that suggests a better situation for the opposition in the elections was even more confusing. There were several adjournments at a press conference, and they presented their arguments. We know that these elections will not be fair or regular. The dictatorship has imposed severe restrictions that endanger the expression of change in the Venezuelan people, ”the statement said. “We understand that they will be an effective battleground to strengthen the citizens and promote a real solution to our country’s acute crisis: free presidential and legislative elections. We will organize, mobilize and strengthen ourselves in solidarity in the service of Venezuela’s democratic restructuring.

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Senior player Henry Ramos Allop, Secretary-General Axian Democrita accepted the spokesman and noted that as part of the political talks that began this year, they would once again take part on the cover of the government-approved table of democratic solidarity. Ramos Allop still insisted that political parties be judicially barred and interfered with their orders just like him. Although the opposition is still defining the names of the candidates, the leader assured that not only party leaders but also local leaders and civil society leaders have been selected. Commenting on the strategic change, Ramos Allap pointed out: “If the national facility wants to participate at a particular moment, you are participating. There are no theories in politics, but it is due to the interpretation of reality at a particular moment.

Venezuelan opposition parties have left secessionism, denouncing the lack of transparency in Venezuela’s elections since 2017. This brings together for the first time two non-Savismo ally Rectors with a new election arbitrator. In the middle of a conversation table set up in Mexico This has created excellent conditions for participation.

The most obvious changes are, for now, more scrutiny of the voting system and pre-audit of the electoral register, and – most importantly – the lifting of the veto on the ballot. Bureau of Democratic Solidarity. Opposition parties that won the 2015 parliamentary elections gathered there. The government blocked the podium in 2018 to appease the contest in the re-election of Nicolas Maduro.

Savismo has now promised to reconsider some of the political incompetence, remove the image of the “defenders” and guarantee the figures imposed by the government on the positions won by the opposition. The potential support of the EU mission during the election event is also defined.

Earlier in the day, Freddie Guevara, president of the Volatt Popular, gave his first press conference After being detained for a month at the Venezuelan intelligence headquarters. Guevara did not advance the end of the table, but said it would “create the greatest unity and be most effective for the fight.”

The politician backed the talks in Mexico, and there will be a new round of meetings between delegates this week. “I firmly believed that I was going to dedicate myself to doing everything I could to find a negotiated solution through the process in Mexico.

Guevara acknowledged that Maduro’s strategy for military and political bankruptcy, which he had chosen in 2019 and early 2020, did not work. “The popular will considers many of the complexes we were on before, the total and immediate displacement of the organization, the military breakdown, not possible. Today we are trying to put pressure, but negotiate. This does not mean submission to our policies.” He said it would also include concessions, but the “political conflict” that has prevailed in the country for the past 20 years must end.

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