The Venezuelan government is investigating the explosion at the home of Ernesto Guevara, a contractor accused of corruption at PTVSA.

The Venezuelan government is investigating the explosion at the home of Ernesto Guevara, a contractor accused of corruption at PTVSA.
An explosion at a house in eastern Venezuela has left one dead and four injured

The Attorney General of the Chavista regime in Venezuela, Tarek William Chapp, announced that an investigation has been launched into the powerful explosion at the home of a Venezuelan contractor on Tuesday morning. Ernest Guevara At the Pueblo Viejo residential complex in the town of Lecheria, it took off At least one person died and four others were injured.

“Anzoátegui’s Prosecutor’s Office 3 is investigating together with a special team appointed by Justice Minister Remigio Ceballos. The explosion is suspected to be a gas leak Happened at the house of Ernesto Guevara” to determine the circumstances of the event, Saab said from his Twitter account.

Agents of the local security forces are searching the area for those trapped in the debris

The house was destroyed in the blast and rescue teams were rushed to the area A woman’s body was found in the rubble. Four others were injured and hospitalized. According to local press reports, the noise was felt in much of the northern part of Lecheria, a town in Anzotegui state. “The noise was described by the community as a bombardment,” warned Venezuelan journalist Myport Petit on social networks, where images of destroyed houses and vehicles were posted nearby.

Manuel Ferreira González, mayor of the Urbaneja municipality in Lechería, promised that civil defense and civil protection teams would be stationed at the crash site “as long as needed” to continue to cooperate with search and rescue, immediate attention and evacuations. A missing person “Search dogs and lifeguards were dispatched to the site to investigate the nearby channel,” he said.

A rescue team was called in to search for victims in the Pueblo Viejo complex’s canal.

According to investigative articles in the Venezuelan media, a contractor named by the Chavista regime as the owner of the house that exploded in Lecheria was being investigated for “improper handling of dollars and doing business with Pariven, a subsidiary of the state oil company. PDVSAHe would have thanked the then president of the Venezuelan Food Producers and Distributors (PDVAL). Luis Pulido”, was arrested in 2010 and accused of corruption by buying large quantities of food and waiting for it to spoil before making new orders.

Special portal Powerpedia Guevara was “an administrator of PDVSA where he had direct contracts with Citco in Texas,” and during that period he had a A fleet of private planes landed in Anago “every three days carrying huge amounts of cash”. They were confiscated by the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Ansotegui State Police, Robert Arangur.

Officials are yet to confirm the cause of the explosion.

Guevara heads Ingeniería, Mantenimiento y Proyectos del Lago, CA with a 50% stake, and Servicios Técnicos Industriales Anaco 81, CA (STIACA), in the latter of which he holds a 7.47% stake and counts PDVSA and Gas among its main clients. , according to Powerpedia.

The explosion at his home this Tuesday has created suspicions and many hypotheses because of his connection to the state oil company, and is firmly in the Chavista regime. Weeding More than 80 Venezuelans have been arrested since March 17 to purge PTVSA. Corruption in government institutions from the country.

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