Unstoppable Teporacas CUU, Manzaneras and Cerveceras in women’s basketball – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Unstoppable Teporacas CUU, Manzaneras and Cerveceras in women’s basketball – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Teporacas CUU, Manzaneras de Cuauhtémoc and Cerveceras de Meoqui won their second victory in the same number of matches in the Women’s Basketball League by defeating their opponents on the second day of the tournament.

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In this capital, when the 2021 campaign officially began, Team Teporacas beat Adelitas de Chihuahua as the final scoreboard from 97 points to 63, while Team Manzaneras captured the cheerleaders when the scoreboard was the final numbers from 107 to 70 points.

For their part, the Brewers had a quiet second day as they had no problems beating Teporacas de Guerrero with a massive edge on the scoreboard by 144 points to 33.

In this way, the women’s trio remain undefeated only at the start of this league.

The season opened in this capital

In this capital city, the match between Teporacas CUU and Adelitas was very attractive, starting with an exchange of offensive and defensive actions in the first quarter, highlighting the shots of Carlota Martín del Campo who started taking off on the board to dominate the first. The 23-14 quarter is favorable for Tiburakas.

In the second half, those led by Luis Arturo Serra achieved a partial advantage despite pressure from Adelitas who could not overcome the disadvantage and both teams went into the first half with a score of 45-33 still in favor of Teporacas CUU.

In the third half, the attack led by duo Marcela Dominguez and Souji Serra was crucial to extending the supremacy in the group, even with a fine attack from Paulina Rodriguez who was ultimately her best Adelitas team and ended this one. Period 70-49 for Tiburakas.

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In the final quarter of the match, actions were balanced by partially equalizing the baskets, though Tiburakas once again headed in the final minutes for absolute dominance and extended the advantage to finally win with a 97-63 win.

Tiburakas’ top scorers were Carlotta Martin del Campo and Souji Serra, both with 21 points, while Adelitas Paulina Rodriguez’s team had 29 points.

Proceedings are reactivated on Friday, October 8 when Teporacas CUU visits Manzaneras de Cuauhtémoc and Adelitas rests, Pioneras receives Teporacas de Guerrero and Cerveceras travels to the border to confront Inditas CJ.


3 teams are still undefeated in the tournament in just 2 rounds

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