Up Manolo Hussain to Chihuahua News Dorados Capital State Basketball League – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Up Manolo Hussain to Chihuahua News Dorados Capital State Basketball League – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The new coach of Dorados Capital, Spaniard Manolo Hussain, has arrived in Chihuahua to meet President Anwar Mauricio Elias Ortiz, as well as the crew he will have for the 2022 season in the State Basketball League (LBE).

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The champion team that has been consolidated in two of the last three years, as the first league winner, will look for the sixth star from the hand of the captain, who already knows the players he will have on his team, and will also work with Argentine assistants Santiago Belza and Federico Corbaz, and in turn Gustavo Pacheco in the Sports Directorate.

Hussein stressed, “The impression I have is that we formed a good group, and now what needs to be converted is that good group into a good team, and this is the training and the little time we have for that.”

He announced that he seeks to contribute to the development of the club and leave a legacy in the capital, and to achieve the expectations demanded by the institution, stressing the professionalism and closeness that has been found since his appointment.

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria-born also underlined the commitment to the fans and the support that will be available during the matches.

“We will be a committed team, a team that has the ability to do well in basketball and that has the ability (the fans) to identify with us, to be proud no matter what might happen at the end of the game,” he said. .

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So far, Dorados Capital has announced the signing of national team Irwin Avalos, who will return after his stay with the team in 2019.

The return of Jose Estrada, as well as Chihuahuan Bryan Urrutia, has also been confirmed, along with two first-class items to be introduced in the coming days.

The full roster will be revealed on January 20, while the LBE champion will open the regular season on January 28.

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