Uruguay 1-1 Ecuador for South American Sub-20 Match: Celeste was over and closed out Group B with good feelings – Updated news from Uruguay and the world

Uruguay 1-1 Ecuador for South American Sub-20 Match: Celeste was over and closed out Group B with good feelings – Updated news from Uruguay and the world

alternate team Uruguay Draw 1-1 vs Ecuador In the last date of group b of
20 subsidiaries South America
that is disputed in Colombia. La Celeste, who qualified first and was undefeated in the final hexagon, only lacked precision in winning and some luck.

With an alternate team and peace of mind already seeded and in first place, Uruguay exited to close out Group B of the South America Sub-20 against Ecuador. La Celeste, though, took the lead and came out to play like he needed to win.

He had it immediately explained. Nicolas Serri arrived around the 9th minute through the center of the area and markedly set down before saving the goalkeeper. The ball went straight into the goal, crossed the line and immediately an Ecuadorean defender came to clear it. The referee relied on the assistant, who decided not to validate it despite the fact that the ball had been fully entered.

And as if that wasn’t enough, three minutes later, Ecuador took the lead. Justin Coero went head to head with Facundo Machado and put in an outstanding performance in the 1-0 win; But Uruguay wouldn’t even let him celebrate. In the 15th minute, Rodrigo Chagas appeared with a shot from the edge of the area to equalize the proceedings.

After the equalizer, it was all Marcelo Brogli’s side who had the ball and had the best scoring positions. He just needed to be more precise in the definition.

The sequel started the same way: with Uruguay proposing and Ecuador waiting to counterattack. The team quickly tilted the field and to top it off, in the 64th minute, they found themselves with a chance to stay with another man due to the dismissal of Ecuadorian Juan Sanchez for a double yellow card.

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Around 72 minutes the entire Celeste team protested a foul inside the area against Juan de los Santos. The referee understood that there was no contact from the Ecuadorean player even though television replays showed otherwise. It was a crime for Uruguay.

In the 77th minute, Franco González was inches away from scoring the second goal with a long-distance shot that hit the post. It was even more evident in the 85th minute when Luciano Rodriguez blasted the corner with a free kick.

Uruguay finished top of Group B with 10 points. Venezuela (6) and Ecuador (5) also qualified for the hexagonal final. Farewell to the championship Chile (4) and Bolivia (3).

From Group A, Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay advanced to the next round (Argentina and Peru were eliminated).

South American Sub 20 offers four category World Cup places to be held in Indonesia between May and June and three in the Pan American Games to be held in Chile between October and November.

Targets: 12’c. Quiro (m), 15′ t. Chagas (United).

Uruguay: F. Machado; M Ponte (56′ S Boselli), F. Gautier, M Anthony, R Cabrera (84′ MD Rettis); M. Abaldo (75′ L. Rodriguez), R. Chagas, E.; Sosa, J. de los Santos; E. Rodriguez (75′ R. Sanchez) and N.C. Siri (56′ F. Gonzalez). DT: Marcelo Brogli.

Ecuador: G. Napa; De la Cruz, Dr. Bautista, L. Cordova, Erice (90′ B. Carabale); Mercado (80′ O. Zambrano), D. Castillo, J. Sánchez; J. Klinger (69′ A. Minda), J. Cuero (90′ C. Zambrano), and Ó. Sosa (69 ‘y. city). DT: Jamie Bran.

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Referee: N. La Molina (Argentina). The assistants: M. Del Yeso and F. Rodriguez (Argentina).

Stadium: Deportivo Cali.

Yellow cards: R. Chagas (U). Cordova (E). red: 64′ J. Sanchez (E).

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