UVigo and CRTVG provide media space for people with special needs

UVigo and CRTVG provide media space for people with special needs

the Content provided by the media Communication is not always fully accessible to people who have some difficulty understanding. Therefore, the Alliance of Universidade de Vigo with CRTVG To make or to invent Synxiloa media space that will allow TVG news services to broadcast daily Accessible videos On its website and social networks in a “simple reading” format.

Take part in this initiative Lord LawrenceDirector of the Department of Translation and Linguistics at the University of Vigo and expert in audio-visual translation and face slippersPhD student and promoter of translating children’s books into “easy reading”.

Both, along with Journalist Carlos F. Amado, Responsible for the project on behalf of TVG, he was responsible for announcing this innovative and unique initiative in Spain on Wednesday at a program for magazine from the regional channel.

A pioneering initiative in Spain

with launch SynxiloCRTVG becomes The first audiovisual medium in Spain which applies this level of communication to this format on its contents.

Videos will be made by TVG Information Services In cooperation with Department of Translation and Linguistics from the University of Vigo, which will be responsible for Verify, verify and intervene Also in adapting contents and formats to meet “easy reading” standards. The videos will be posted through the G24 website. gal and digital channels Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

The parameters within which the project travels are also marked by Association Inclusion of Europesupported by the European Union and will carry the logo readable.

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