Validity and IESS were ignored

Validity and IESS were ignored

Four long and insignificant “debates” captured the nation’s attention for two weeks. Many candidates expressed very few words related to health and IESS, were unable to identify, in their stereotypical interventions, any hope for change, and did not even understand the enormous damage the treatment had caused to health when the professionals who suffered were fired and replaced by Cuban technologists Inefficient, nor when disarming the national health system, which was advancing towards decentralization across the country, to centralize it and unleash multiple negotiators in purchasing equipment, supplies, medicines and transport vehicles disguised as ambulances.

The Corista candidate dared to say that the government he represented had promoted health in an extraordinary way and that this fallacy remained valid, because no other candidate had the nerve to oppose him.

They mentioned Social Security with a few loose phrases and none of them referred to the robberies of the millionaires by the Citizens Revolution Government to IESS, nor to the failure to pay the 40% allocated to pension insurance, nor to the provision of ridiculous, unfunded services. For children of associate employees, under the age of 18. Nor did they echo the popular clamor to reorganize the Supreme Council, including by including a representative of retirees and a president who should not be delegated to the corporation’s biggest debtor, the government.

They did not touch on retirement age and the appropriate time to do so, without affecting reserves, and no one mentioned the need to improve acquisitions to avoid overpricing and massive waste of medicines, supplies and equipment; Or the need to sell and convert the huge vacant lands, apartments, houses and unproductive buildings that IESS owns, distributed throughout the country; They did not remember huge employers’ arrears to collect, as well as millions of dollars evading and avoiding contributions and unpaid loans, and they did not pay attention to modernizing outdated computer systems. For manipulation and mismanagement.

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The IESS position did not attract the candidates’ attention, but a hidden privatization proposal was heard, unaware of the resounding failure of the Chilean social security system and AFP (private pension fund managers), an event that prompted them to plan a hybrid pension system that includes part of the intergenerational solidarity insurance contributions And another for individual savings.

Rather, the discourse lacking commitment did not lead to ideological or political debates. Rather, it was electoral displays that filled the country with enormous uncertainty and disappointment.

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