VanVleet, 54 points; Anthony beats Wilkins – Basketball

VanVleet, 54 points;  Anthony beats Wilkins – Basketball

Houston. Possession role experienced on NBA Day with goalkeeper striker Fred Vanfleet as captain of a roster that featured forward Carmelo Anthony, point guards Kerry Irving and Stephen Curry with goalkeeper Donovan Mitchell. The Utah Jazz also emerged to regain the best record in the league.

Vanfleet scored 54 points as the top scorer for the Toronto Raptors, who beat the Orlando Magic 108-123 on the road and set many individual and team records.

Toronto (9-12), who finished second in the NBA in 3-game-play, was 20 out of 46 correctly, and the Raptors won for the seventh time in their last 11 games. VanVleet set a record for the franchise with 54 points and scored 11 three-pointers, the best of his career,

In 37 minutes of play, VanVleet made 17 of 23 shots from the field, including 11 from 14 triples, and 9 from 9 from the individual streak, getting three rebounds and providing two assists. VanVleet made 11 of his first 12 3-point attempts and surpassed the previous 52-point figure set by Goalkeeper DeMar DeRozan on January 1, 2018.

The goalkeeper of the fifth year from Wichita easily surpassed his previous record of 36, which he achieved last season by scoring 17 points in the first quarter, 11 in the second, 18 in the third and six points in the fourth. VanVleet’s previous best record of 3 seconds in a regular season was seven. He scored eight in a playoff game last October against the Brooklyn Nets.

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VanVleet equaled the Franchise scored 52 points with a drop with 4:45 minutes remaining and then put the new mark elsewhere with 3:46 from the finish. The Portland Trail Blazers scored a 121-132 away victory over the Washington Wizards and veteran striker Carmelo Anthony contributed 21 points that allowed him to reach 26,675 as a professional and surpassed him in thirteenth place on the all-time list. Former striker Dominic Wilkins (26,668 points).

Anthony admitted he learned of his new career accomplishments when someone at the scorer’s table said “congratulations” and when asked why he did so, they made clear his new stats for being among the top scorers of all time. Wizards goalkeeper Bradley Bell couldn’t avoid defeating his team, but he was once again a top scorer with 37 points which allowed him to score 25 points or more for the 16th consecutive game, equaling the all-time milestone. In the possession of Michael Jordan.

Irving was another player of the day, hitting his highest number this season with 39 points, including eight straight points in a fourth period that gave the final advantage of the Brooklyn Nets, who beat the Los Angeles Clippers 124-120. Striker Kevin Durant added another 28 points and goalkeeper James Harden got another triple of 23 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds, which made the difference to the final result.

The Nets “Big 3” scored the crucial points in the 13-0 streak that secured the Brooklyn team victory and the Clippers winning three games in a row, despite striker Kawhi Leonard and Paul George contributing 33. and 26 goals, respectively, for the Los Angeles team.

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The Clippers (16-6) loss allowed the Utah Jazz, with Mitchell as captain, scoring 32 points, beating the Detroit Pistons 117-105 and returning to the best league record (16-5) after suffering, last Sunday, the loss to the Denver Nuggets (128) -117), which broke 11 successive victories. Powerful striker Jason Tatum scored 27 points as striking captain for the Boston Celtics, who despite the absence of injured point keeper Marcus Smart managed to score a 107-111 away win over the Golden State Warriors.

Despite the loss, Curry was awarded individual compensation by scoring 38 points on seven three-pointers and was joined by the late Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain as the only warrior to score 17,000 points for the franchise. While Lithuanian striker Dumantas Sabonis set his best record of the season with 32 points and also contributed 13 rebounds, the Indiana Pacers helped beat the Memphis Grizzlies 134-116, who broke their winning streak in seven straight matches.

Sabonis achieved his fourteenth double double in 16 games he played as a rookie so far this new season and helped the Pacers dominate the match inside the paintwork, where he was the best in the league with an average of 54.4 points. Axle Miles Turner, who contributed 22 points and five blocks, strengthened his leadership in this aspect of the game by reaching 70 points, 17 points more than the next ranking.

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