Vicente Fernandez returned to intensive care with pneumonia

Vicente Fernandez returned to intensive care with pneumonia

Since then, Don Vicente Fernandez’s health has suffered a health setback He returned to intensive care due to pneumoniaIt was revealed in the program sweating;

In a direct link from Guadalajara, journalist Alex Martinez reports: “Unfortunately, Don Vicente Fernandez is back in the intensive care unit, from which he has already left a little over a month, there at Country 2000 Hospital.”

Vicente Fernandez (Mexico Agency) and Century 2000 Hospital (Courtesy)

On the reason for this setback in the health of “Charro de Huentitan”, Martinez reported: “The transcendental is that what prompted Don Vicente Fernandez to return to the intensive care unit […] Because of pneumonia, that’s what he said and we’re investigating.”

In the same way, the reporter revealed: “On Sunday we were on guard and had to see Dona Coqueta going to visit Don Vicente Fernandez, he was in the hospital for several hours and there several people confirmed that Don Vicente had already fallen ill.”

Vicente Fern & # xe1;  ndez / Agencia Mé  xico

Vicente Fernandez/Mexico Agency

Finally, in the show program It was commented that Al-Muttasami also announced that the 81-year-old artist has once again received breathing assistance 24 hours a day..

For now, only the hospital doctors or the family of the Mexican interpreter are expected to provide more details about this news that should keep the Fernandez family on edge.

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