Vicente Fernandez welcomes the new member of his family

Vicente Fernandez welcomes the new member of his family

Besides singing, there are other emotions from Vicente Fernandez It is the breeding of miniature horses, which tend to measure less than conventional horses and can be sold at high costs. When each of these arrives, then Singer Usually you name him and give him the best at Crianza.

On this occasion, the singer revealedArlkon“, a rocking horse With spots black And background white, Which was introduced into the stables of his farm Performers.

Of the three foals, The Brighten I send you a warm greeting! The translator wrote to his audience via his Facebook account.

This is not the first time thatCharro from Huentitn“He teaches the foals that come to his farm, because he usually makes use of his social networks for this.

Breeding in “L.The Three Foals“It is specific to these animals, since the doctor of the can, Jorge Placencia IbarraHe gave interviews in which he explained that specific genetic groups are made to obtain purebred horses only.

Full knowledge

This type of the animals It can sell for at least 30,000 pesos, although its life is not very long, since it rarely lives more than 10 years.

about Raise them Thus, the method used on a farm Vicente Fernandez Is a performance Crosses Dependent Samples More lively to get variants that stand out more and more original.

From 2016This practice is one of Por tu maldito amor’s greatest hobbies, as he retired that year from live performances and disc recording.

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“In the morning, I like to walk around the farm and see the livestock. This is my passion.”


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