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Villaviciosa News |  completely topical

Yesterday at Casa de los Hevia de Villaviciosa, the events programmed by SERIDA within the Science Week, in collaboration with the Villaviciosa City Council, were concluded. It was attended by the General Manager of SERIDA, Mamin Oliván and the Mayor of Villaviciosa, Alejandro Vega Riego.

Diplomas were also awarded to the winners of the I SERIDA online photography competition and the exhibition of 16 selected photos was presented.

Photography Awards Ceremony


The purpose of the workshops was to impart scientific knowledge to the public in an engaging, pedagogical and simple way. More than 600 students from the CP Maliayo and San Rafael schools and the Víctor García de la Concha have passed through it.

photography competition

Science Week concluded yesterday with the Awards Ceremony for Serida’s 1st Photography Contest. And the People’s Award went to Jesus Antonio Tamargo for his work “Now, Resist”. The jury selected images of Angela Fernandez (“Social Distance”), Eduardo Ceres (“A Matter of Perspective”) and Antonio Lopez (“We Keep Working”).

The four photos, along with 12 others, will be on display at Casa de los Hevea until December 12.


In August of this year, it was decided to hold the biennial I SERIDA online photography competition, which aims to promote the areas of research in which the Foundation participates, spread its presence on social media, favor its approach to society as well as develop creativity and the ability to observe the natural environment.

The chosen theme for this year: “Nature and the epidemic” (photos describing what nature, agriculture and livestock have contributed to in times of the pandemic”

  • – From August 15 to October 15, deadline for application.
  • 26 . photos submitted
  • Popularity Award = Most Voted Photo
  • The voting period on Facebook is from October 20 to November 3. We had 416 reactions
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“Now, Resistance” by Jesus Antonio Tamargo Fernandez = 177 “likes”

The jury is composed of:

President: Lidia Santamarina Pedrigal, Director of the Bargola Museum in Gijon

Members: – Marcos Minaro Prado, Research Doctorate in Horticultural Crops and Forestry in Cerrida, Blanca Gutierrez Pérez, journalist specializing in institutional communication and publication R+D+i. – Guillermo García González de Lena, technician in the Experimental Area and Agroforestry in Cerrida

Secretary: Ana Rodriguez Navarro, Head of the Archives, Library and Social Networks Unit of Cerrida.

  • Prize 1: ‘Social distancing’ by Angela Fernandez Iglesias His father, Jose Antonio Fernandez Granda, received the award
  • Prize 2: A Question of Perspective by Eduardo Ceres Rodriguez
  • Prize 3: “We Keep Working” by Antonio López Vásquez

These three images, along with one of the popular awards, will be published in the next issue of our magazine Agrifood Technology

In addition, the jury agreed to select the following 12 images for the exhibition, which will open its doors between November 22 and December 12 at Casa de los Hevea:

  • – “Dawn of a New Day” by Marta Alonso Jervos
  • Imprisonment, Eduardo Ceres Rodriguez
  • – “Compulsory Quarantine” by Hugo Huerta López
  • – “Back to Life” by Hugo Huerta Lopez
  • “Life goes on…” by Eduardo Ceres Rodriguez
  • – “Quiet Nature in Troubled Times” by Marta Alonso Jervos
  • – “Preparing for the City Conquest” by Hugo Huerta Lopez
  • – “Rosa succulenta” by Felix Mijica Perez
  • – “Save from an epidemic” Javier Valle Menendez
  • Grass Time by Evan Diez Bueno
  • The “key workers” of Angela Fernandez Iglesias
  • – “Good Mother” by Felix Mijica Perez
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Science Week 2021 in Cerrida

SERIDA, in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and Villaviciosa City Council, celebrates Science Week, one of the most important social networking events in science and technology. The activities will take place from 15-20 November and will consist of informational talks/workshops on some of the topics that are part of SERIDA’s regular work, and will take place simultaneously at 3 locations in Villaviciosa: Casa de los Hevia (Public Public) and San Rafael School students ), the Maliayo Public School and the Victor García de la Concha Institute of Secondary Education (for its students). Tables can be found at


The titles of the activities are as follows:

  1. Journey in Noah’s Ark: We will have fun learning about the endangered Asturian breeds and show you how to preserve them.
  2. Casting to Pick a Bull as a Piece: Do Our Farmers Choose the Biggest Bull, the Fastest? Discover
  3. Cook… LARVA Challenged Us: How a Simple Hot Water Bath Revealed as an Economical, Ecological, and Effective Way to Eliminate the Chestnut Wasp

. 4. MEAT A “CON-CIENCIA”: In this workshop we will discover many intriguing things about meat, a food typical of our gastronomy and traditions, how we analyze it and why our meat is so rich, juicy and healthy.

  1. The Origin of Life in Vitro: Watch how a cow embryo develops in the laboratory.
  2. CACA and BUGS: The Unknown Universe of Animals Associated with Cattle Excrement. How ‘microbes’ work for healthy soil and crops

. 7. Diseases of Our Cows Have you ever wondered how animal diseases are controlled and what is being done to make sure we eat safe meat? Come and find out how at SERIDA we take care of the health and quality of our cows

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. 8. THE PCR: What is it?: Today we hear about PCR at all hours and everywhere. We will explain what it is, what it is based on and how it is done.

  1. From Apple to Apple: The Adventure of the Asturian Apple to Rich in Cider. 10. Viruses that save trees or steal from a thief have a hundred years of forgiveness: Not all viruses cause epidemics. There are deficiency viruses that infect pathogenic fungi, so trees can be saved

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