“We are offering our space to grow at the local level”

“We are offering our space to grow at the local level”

Mayor Guillermo Britos endorsed the goals of the political space first chivelkoy, Which have as a reference, the purposes of the pluralism that drive this sector are highlighted.
“We are a place in Chivilcoy that accepts all Chivilcoyanos who want to join, without having to ask permission from anyone,” Britos said.
He explained, “Anyone who wants to join is welcome as long as they respect the way we work in our space.”
Focusing on the September 12 primaries, the mayor noted: “Our space is local; he has no preference for any regional or national candidate.”
He expressed his wish that Primero Chivilcoy continues to evolve and evolve.
“We aspire for our space to grow locally. That’s what we intend,” Britos said and showed the support he receives, noting that “there are social movements joining our space.”
“Everyone is free to go anywhere they want,” Britos added. “There are people who used to be on the Todos front and they are now here. It is democracy. You have to accept it and accept the popular will.”

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