Google Photos wipes out unlimited space but Amazon Photos doesn’t, and you’ll also get € 8 as a gift to use | Technique

Google Photos wipes out unlimited space but Amazon Photos doesn’t, and you’ll also get € 8 as a gift to use |  Technique

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Google Photos is about to shed unlimited space, but Amazon Photos continues to make storage space for as many photos as you want. Additionally, you get € 8 as a gift to use: we explain how to get the credit.

Do you use Google Photos to backup your mobile photos? If so, then surely you should already know that unlimited space for this service has its days numbered, and as of June 1, it will occupy space in the free 15GB space available in your Google account.

Amazon photos is one of the best alternatives out there. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can enjoy unlimited storage for your photos, and now you have the opportunity Get € 8 as a gift just to use the service.

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, other than taking advantage of the benefits when making purchases (fast and free shipping, for example), you can take advantage of the many services that the e-commerce giant puts at your disposal.

How to get an 8 € gift using Amazon Photos

One of them is Amazon Photos, unlimited full-resolution photo storage service included with Amazon Prime subscription. Therefore, you don’t have to pay anything else to use it, so it is Free alternative to Google photos for you.

And not only that, but also Now you can get a free gift of € 8 for your purchases if you use Amazon Photos. To do this, first of all Enter this page Use the links you will find on this site to download the application to your computer or mobile phone.

You’re an Amazon Prime customer or are thinking of being one, but do you really know all the services you can use with that money you pay every month? Here you have them all.

After that, upload your photos manually or activate an automatic save option so that the application makes backup copies of your photos and you can free up space on your mobile phone. Once done, Within 7 days, you will receive an email with your 8 € balance to make purchases on Amazon.

The promotional offer is only available to users who subscribe to Amazon Prime, and it will not be valid for people taking advantage of the free trial period. Once you receive your promo code of 8 €, You can use it until June 15, 2021 on products and digital content sold by Amazon, Excluding products sold by third parties and digital content such as e-books or MP3 and gift vouchers.

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