“We join a space where today you make us feel comfortable and important”

“We join a space where today you make us feel comfortable and important”

By editorial group La Verdad

Juan Pablo Montanaro, the candidate for the chancellor of the renewal line of the Federalist Party in the last elections in November, joined the Todos Front. The news was confirmed this week for Grupo La Verdad by Montanaro himself, who made reference to the case.

“It’s a reality. For many years we’ve been working alone and paddling with dulce de leche and everything costs us so much. This year I can’t dress up as Santa and go to the neighborhoods for an economic cause. In principle, the community no longer donates as much as they donate,” Montanaro said. In previous years and we couldn’t do that, we don’t have a political structure that would support us and could help us in this kind of work.

“After talking about it with the renewal group, we talked, had a meeting and it was discussed. Everyone presented their ideas and we concluded after one or two conversations with Gustavo Traverso to come to an agreement and be on that front,” added the commander.

“We decided to be in this space because we had to play first. Here there are two teams together and a Todos front. In Juntos we have nothing to do, I have good relations with them, I have friends, but it is not only Juan Pablo Montanaro who decides, but we are a team and we respect. The majority voted And we decided to be with Gustavo’s team without neglecting that he opened the door so well for me, they didn’t make me feel that I would be their employee or that I was going in through the window,” he also stressed.

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“They made me feel like I was walking through the front door and they gave me the space one needed. Previously we’ve given projects and ideas that are always boxed, illegible and not studied, and you say I can’t make Junín any better or nicer. Being in a big space, when If you submit a project, it surely has other repercussions and can be implemented.The interviewee added, “I don’t know if it will be approved, because the Todos Front does not have a majority in the council, but at least it is being discussed.”

“I’m still Juan Pablo Montanaro and the renovation continues to renovate. We have an imprint on the city. In my political career I have felt many slaps from people who did not expect … Then I realized what one helps, what gives, people do not appreciate. . There are many people who congratulate me. on opening my head by choosing a large space and others told me I was disappointed. I can’t help myself anymore, I can’t give a bag of goods or submit a project. I was critical of the break, today I’m in the crack and realize I was wrong because to be there you have to belong To together or to everyone’s front. It’s a reality.”

He continued, “I don’t want to stop saying that, in the meetings we had with Gustavo, we agree 99 percent and when you hear the other party say what you want to Gonen, well, that’s the right way. We join a space where today you make us feel comfortable and important.”
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